Ok, so just a bit of a rant really! It has taken us three years to finally get to the point where we are able to ttc #3, always wanted them all close together and there's only 20 months between ds and dd, but then we got stuck in a one bedroom flat, and it wasn't practical to try again, got moved to a 3 bed house, then hubby got cut down to a 4 day week a year ago, then my job was at risk and ended up having to find something else and jump ship just after xmas, so now we have the space, hubbys job is back to normal + overtime and I have settled into my new job and so decided now is the right time.
CD1 if going on a 28 day cycle should be this saturday (pretty sure we're out for this cycle) but have been a bit all over the place, generally between 26-28 days recently. Anyway, cutting to the chase, we have just found out that hubby has to go away to work for 6 weeks starting on Monday!! This is just initially, it will be 15 weeks altogether, but don't know when these will be and how this all breaks down! gutted, was gearing up for giving it a good shot this month, if cd1 is saturday I suppose I should be ovulating over the first weekend in May, which he will be back for, but that's a lot of pressure for this cycle to work out right and at 28 days! No need to reply I just need a moan and feeling very disappointed! :cry:


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