Those who got BFPs with CBFM

I am thinking of getting onefor next month, if no BFP this month but am quite aware of my cycles from using temping and opks. Just wondered, did any of you who got a BFP from using CBFM already use temping and OPKs, but have more success from CBFM.
Im just wondering how useful I would actually find it?


  • hey hun, see what i just posted on naturelle's thread xx
  • Thanks Sally881,
    So did you already do OPKs before the CBFM? Just wondering if it was any better than using them if that makes sense x

    Just edited that Sally as realised you werent talking about a BFP this month. Sorry hun x

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  • Hi.. my partner and I (both female) were using a donor and only had one chance a month to inseminate.. we used OPKs for 4 months with no luck, then we invested in the CBFM and followed it religiously, inseminated on the day it told us to and BINGO!!! we got our BFP the first month using it!! i'm 39 so we didn't have age on our side either!! it was well worth the money!! we also used pre-seed! hope this helps! we're now 14 weeks image
  • thats ok hun, for a couple of months when we began ttc i just used the clearblue ovulation tests and they said i was ovulating on cd14, i then stopped using them and just made sure we bedded at this time and was still not getting bfp.
    i found this strange and decided to take the plunge and buy the cbfm. i turns out that my cycles had got a little longer, which i was aware of but never thought iit would changed when i ovulate, but it did and it turned out i wasnt actually getting my peak until cd17 or 18. was bedding far to early and when i was aware of this is when i got my two bfp,s.
    hope this helps you to decide xx
  • Thanks for your replies, I will definitely consider it in next few months if still no BFP x
  • we used OPKs and temp for 10 months then on month 11 with the monitor BFP! my cycles where very long and irregular and the monior helped us get the right time image
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