1dpo, anyone joining me?

Well, here I am again. I posted before this cycle began (cycle 4) and said I was going to start using smiley opks and pre seed or similar but that DH wasn't too keen. Anyway we came to an agreement that we wouldn't this month but that we could start next month if still nothing. Hopefully this will be our month and we won't need to but if not then next month I'm allowed to take the scientific approach ! It's going to be a long 2 ww (when isn't it!) anyone fancy joining me ? Babydust to all x x x


  • Good morning!
    I've just started on the 2 week wait too - af due on the 10th so will prob test then xx
  • Yep I'm testing on the 10th too as this is when AF is due x x
  • me to ladies 2dpo and due on the 10th may can i join u all xx
  • hey girls! My af is due on the 14th may, my last af was the 16th april exactly 28 days after my pill bleed as came off pill in march, im hopin that my cycle is back to normal! Im still all confused on ov i think i should be ov about now ish, im praying this month is our month, baby dust to all of us! X x x
  • well going off last months cycle my af is due on the 11th but dont know whether to test then or wait till shes late? xx
  • Hi ladies! I'm 3dpo today so will be testing on the 8th May. This is our 4th cycle since we atarted ttc again after ectopic in September. My last chance at getting a bfp due what would have been my due date.

    Baby dust to us all! x x
  • hi guys. I think got my CBFM peaks on monday and tuesday so think I ov'd yesterday - can I join you all? not sure when to expect AF as I used to have a 10 day luteal phase but since I m/c earlier this year my luteal phase increased to 14 days? also we are waiting for IVF so this might be last chance saloon for getting a BFP ourselves!! fingers crossed everyone!!

    Mafia Princess- good to see you hon, not seen you about for a while?
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