Ovulation Microscope HELP NEEDED

I just wondered if anyone could help me. I am using an ovulation microscope to track OV at the moment and every morning i do what i am meant to and leave it 15-30 mins to dry then look at it. Yesterday and the day before it was crystalized after half hour but when i checked it in the afternoon it was definite ferning patterns. I showed numerous people (they think i am using it to check if i OV which is kind of true and not to TTC) Last night i checked and the whole lens was covered in ferning patters which looked amazing but in the morning it was crystalized. We BD'ed anyway but i can't find any answers on google and i don't know where else to go.

I did a saliva sample this morning and it is crystalized again but i could bet that tonight it will show ferning patterns again. I have been having OV pains and sore boobs so i am pretty sure the ferning is correct but why doesn't it show up for a few hours????


  • hi hun, i have no idea about the scope thing. and havent heard anyone else who uses it. but couldnt see your question have no replies!!! are you using any other tracking methods apart from that? like sticks or clear blue monitor or looking at your cervical mucus? to be honest im new to all this and im just learning as i go along.
  • Hi Tink

    Cant help hun, welcome back image


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  • Tink only posted it today hun, sorry Tink, can't help chook xxx
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