Symptoms in the first week of your 2ww

Morning ladies,

Being the obsessive tww'er I am, I have been reading up a lot on symptoms and what causes them etc. If I've understood correctly the main things that cause symptoms are the progesterone and HCG, progesterone levels are fairly normal in the first week of your two week wait and HCG is non existant in the first week as the egg has not yet implanted.

Symptoms like sickness etc are thought to be caused partly by HCG so therefore it would make sense that it isn't likely to occur until after implantation (which would occur 8-12 DPO after ovulation - although the average is 10 DPO). Other symptoms like tiredness are caused by the high levels of progesterone - which has a slight sedative effect - and then the fact your body is working overtime to develop the egg which has implanted, so once again, you'd not be likely to have this as a symptom until right at the end of your 2ww surely?

Basically, I was just wondering what people thought about this? I've read quite a few posts where people are saying they have symptoms in the first week of their two week wait and it just seems to me that it seems very unlikely that they're related to pregnancy due to the hormone levels in your body at that time.

Anyway, I really hope this doesn't offend anyone - it really isn't meant like that - and perhaps if I'd had any symptoms in my first week I'd see this in a different light, I just thought it was an interesting topic and wondered what other people thought.

K xx


  • Hi Mrs KP - I've never been pregnant but I have to say that this makes sense. I wouldn't have thought that it is scientifically possible to have symptoms before implantation and even if implantation has occured, it must take a few days for symptoms to happen. Everyone I know that has had a baby has said that they didn't have any symptoms and were suprised when they tested. I am a victim of symptom spotting and really thought that I was going to get a BFP but didn't so I have learnt to never do it again.

    I really think what you written makes sense. Maybe our minds trick us because we want it so much. Maybe we'll all get pregnant if we just stop "trying".


    p.s. this is just my opinion. image
  • I have been pregnant before, and I'm sorry ladies but rightly or wrongly you can get symptoms in the first week..

    My daughter was a pill baby (ie conceived whilst I was taking the pill) - so definately NOT planned (though very much wanted the moment I found out!!). So I wouldn't have been symptom spotting at all.

    But I felt absolutely awful for the 3 weeks leading up to finding out I was pregnant - due to other issues I had to have an early scan which placed the pregnancy at 5+4 at the time, which meant that I had indeed had symptoms in the first week of the 2ww
  • I think that with OV and Period pains, everyone is different.

    I think ss is harmless enough as long as you don't pin all your hopes on it and it's something to do in your 2ww to pass the time and chat with the ladies on here.
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