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Really annoyed at myself

Hi Girls

Just want to have a little rant as im so annoyed at my self. i dont know when OV is due as im so irregular, i have been using ov sticks. Well last night i went out with my friend and had a few drinks so first of all im annoyed i was drinking and then i for got to do a ov stick so annoyed at that to. i have just done todays ov stick and i have a faint line. I am using cb ov sticks has anyone had a faint line?


  • hun, the line needs to be strong to be a positive so i think you should still be ok, maybe just heading towards ov with your faint line.xxxx
  • You shouldn't be annoyed at yourself....You cant put your life on hold & I'm sure everything will be fine & a few drinks will not hurt anything!

    I've heard that the line has to be as dark as the control line so your probably (as angel100 says) just on your way to OV!

    Keep your PMA up!!!

    x x
  • honey i wouldnt worry, i agree with the others on here-it would need to be darker, but at least you are on your way.

    x x x
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