who is starting their 2ww today?

Hi girls,
Thought it would be nice to share these next two wks with anyone who OV at the weekend.
I have had ewcm since wednesday and the odd twinges so Im guessing that was OV!
Im on CD18 today and hope to test on CD31 on 2nd June.
So who's with me????????

Good luck ladies xxxxxxxxx;)


  • Me I don;t think I did OV but had OV pains on wed thurs and friday , friday made CD14 today i am on CD17 and the only thing I have right now is sore nipples.

    It's so nice we can have a group of people sharing the 2ww which is hard enough image

  • it is nice, I hope there are a few of us, I need to be occupied!
    I feel normal atm wouldnt expect otherwise. Im going to try very hard not to symptom spot or wonder if I am or not. I would like to concentrate on making these 2 wks go as fast as possible x x x
  • Thats the thing I bet it goes as slow as anything LOL And it will be so hard not to symptom spot at all. Have you not had any signs at all? ,more cm or high cervix though I know high cervix does not actually mean anything.

  • Well im not sure about cervix, it doesnt feel out of reach but it doesnt feel low so I think its in the middle. Although I havent anything to compare it to yet. I have been a little emotional over the weekend but that could be anything. I still have ewcm so I've had that 6days now x x
  • your so lucky you have had that LOL as nasty as that sounds. Thats the thing when you just start out I have never looked at my cm before and now i have no idea how much i am meant to have LOL

    I did hear though still have EWCM is a good signimage so it;s sounds good so far. My has just gone back to being white and sticky and thick.

  • Dont worry hun Ive heard women do get pg without lots of ewcm. Did yours get at all wet and stringy? x

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  • It felt wet but not really stringy?? though i have no idea how much of this I am meant to have. It was little on Friday but not tons. When i made myself cum though before we bd it was very stringy but i heard that does not count? It was not thick like it is now it was wet and not as white as well.

    I just have a bad feeling I did not OV this month?

  • Did you have any twinges in abdomen?
    I think everyone has different cm when ov although its usually wetter, whiter and stringy. It should feel slippy as well which helps the little swimmers. x
  • Yes i had a dull ache in my left ovary for about three days that hurt a bit when i walked and felt heavy when i went a wee sorry tmi. I have not been off the pill long and never had OV pains before so I can only assume this was it. Thats gone now but the last day that was, was on Friday. It was wetter and it looked white but see through as well though not stringy or not much anyway?

    I guess i am just feeling frustrated because if I at least knew i OV I would know where i stood but I guess our bodies are funny things.

    Today it's very white and thick a bit like what it was a few days after my AF so I guess thats it, if i have OV then it would of been last week?

    I ended up crying last night for no reason think I am just a bit emotional but the sore nipples are worrying me?


  • You probably did OV babe, maybe you could buy some ov sticks for next month ann you can put your mind at rest!
    I cried last night too but that was because OH shouted at me!
    I have read that you can get sore breasts quite soon after ov if you are pg so It may be a good sign x x
  • Thank you for posting back it;s silly as there is nothing to really say but i feel the need to keep talking which is just silly. Oh really?? The thing is i am pretty sure I had sore nips last month as well two weeks before AF though I guess it's a good sign if AF does come as that will mean they are sorting themselves out. Sadly I am at the stage of waiting and seeing which i hate but i do think i must of ov it all points to it. I might try EPO as I have heard good things about that.

    Oh no why did he shout at you babe, at least we were crying togetherimage
  • I got that, last month I had sore nipples leading up to af and thought I must be pg as I never get sore nipples but then af arrived and they were still sore up until last week. Not sure why really.

    He shouted 'f**k off' because I teased him that he doesnt tidy up and he took it too personally. We have been considering getting rid of our puppy because he's too much hard work but then OH changed his mind so i was a little down from that too and feeling bloated so thats prob why I had a weepy couple of mins.
    I tried EPO first time this month, not sure if it helped cm as I always have lots anyway but I think it gave me spots on my face which is annoying x
  • Ahh naughty oh!!!! I have 4 hamsters and t Giant Land African Snails and I say every month how i am going to get rid of them LOL

    I think I will try the EPO and my cm just stayed creamy and I heard it has to be kinda see through so it might be able to help?

  • K-Lou, the EPO can help with cm production, but it won't change what it signifies I'm afraid. I would also say that you shouldn't worry too much about it. Different women will have different signs of OV, not having exactly right CM isn't necessarily a problem.
  • Ahh thanks honey image I kep trying to tell myself that though so many women seem to get it. I always knew i was a freak LOL no i am only joking i will see if I get my AF and then take it from there. It could just be because i have only just finished the pill and that has affected my CM do you think that is poss?

  • Definitely possible. And for some women it takes a cycle or two to get back into a regular rhythym. I have resolved that I won't panic if I don't think I have OV'd for the first couple of months. You'll be absolutely fine.
  • Ok thank you image It's such a shame though i had it in my head you know to start right away but our bodies just don;t work like that. We decided over a month ago to start trying so it;s like I am trying to rush everything!!

  • Can I join the 2ww wait. Think I ov over the weekend though it was only a very small amount of EWCM. Due to test on 2nd June
  • Fiona 86 my dates are exactly the same as you, this is first try, and my heart goes out to ladies that it takes such a long time, I pray it happens quickly as I can physically think of nothing else, it has taken me a long time to convince my OH to go for it, we have a 2 and 1/2 yr old and i felt it was quite long enough to wait but he was still not convinced, and my friend had put my dates in her OV calander and told me thursday to start trying so as from that day i ambushed him!! It was quite funny as i think he guessed after the 2nd day as he is usually the one to instigate BD!! but its done now so all we can do is wait, Ahhhh its so hard though!!!! baby dust sprinkles to all xxxx
  • I'm just starting my 2ww (although it was only 13 days last month!!) Due to test on 31st May/1st June.
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