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BFP, month 6 TTC, not a symptom in sight!

Hi all,

I got my BFP on Tuesday at 15DPO. It was month 6 of TTC baby no. 1. I wasn't sure at first whether to do an announcement but I hope my info about what we did and my total lack of symptoms might prove interesting / helpful / reassuring to some. Sorry in advance if this is long....

The only thing I did differently this month was to give up caffeine. I'm not really convinced it was that which helped as I didn't drink that much of it anyway (2-3 cups of tea per day) but you never know!

We used OPKs as usual and BD'd on days 9, 11, 13 and 14. I got my +ve OPK on day 13. We didn't use any preseed or anything like that, but I had been thinking of trying some next month as I never got much EWCM at all.

Interestingly this month was the month we BD'd the least in the week before ov. I think most previous months we had just by coincidence happened to BD the day before I got a +ve OPK, then also the day of and the day after the +ve, so maybe the rest the day before the +ve was a good thing, who knows! In previous months we also started BD'ing every other night from about CD4/5 when my AF finished but were too busy this month until CD9, so had less BD all round (although still had lots at the important time!)

I really didn't feel different *at all* during my 2ww and spent lots of it feeling quite drpressed and convinced we hadn't done it. Believe me I am one of the world's worst symptom spotters and have spent every single 2ww prodding my boobs / checking my CM etc. so I know exactly what my body does in a 2ww and nothing was different this time. Even on the day I tested at 15DPO I had basically no CM at all, which is one of the things that convinved me I wasn't pregnant (so many people with BFPs seem to get lots of CM from about 7DPO!)

Since I got my BFP I have been thinking back trying to think whether anything was different. The only thing I can think was that maybe I had a couple more twinges than normal and my normal AF feelings started later than normal. I usually got a kind of 'heavy' feeling in my uterus from about 6DPO but this month it only started at 14DPO. It felt just the same as normal when it came though, so I was convinced AF was on her way.

In hindsight I do think some of the twinges I had could have been implantation-related as I do remember a couple of really really tiny niggles on my right hand side, and since my BFP I have occasionally had a stitch like pain on this side too. But I had had all manner of weird cramps and niggly twinges in previous months and they certainly didn't feel too different this month - nothing to make me suspect anyway. I always thought implantation would hurt and be really obvious, but in my 2ww all the niggles I had were really really mild.

The one and only weird thing that happened (which I am dubious about even being related to the BFP)was at about 11DPO I was woken up in the small hours of the morning with what felt like indigestion or really bad trappend wind. I had pains and a tightening feeling all over my abdomen, but lots of the pain was quite high up, above my belly button, so I still don't really think it was anything to do with the pregnancy. It was probably just either coincidence, or maybe my body giving me a bit of indigestion in response to the new hormones kicking about...? I genuinely don't think it was implantation or directly linked to the BFP as so much of the pain was so high up, but I could be wrong of course.

A few symptoms did start to appear the evening I tested (15DPO). It began with sore nipples and I now also have slightly sore boobs, a bit more CM (but still not much) and varuious crampy / stretching / stitch like feelings. I don't feel that much different overall though.

Anyway, sorry this is so long but whenever anyone got a BFP I always wanted to quiz them about exactly what they had done / whether they did anything different from previous months and when their symptoms started. I hope if anyone is interested this helps them and I also hope the fact that even a crazy symptom spotter like me couldn't find any symptoms during my 2ww provides some reassurance and PMA!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask, but I think I have probably covered most things!

Good luck to all and remember: feeling the same as normal in a 2WW really does't mean anything at all! xxx


  • congrats!!! Look forward to getting to know you in DIA!
  • just wanted to say congratulations on getting your bfp image xx
  • yay congrats x
  • YAY, another spring lamb! :\)

    ... but is it OK to be a bit sad to see you leave the 6+ club? :cry: I'll miss you - do come back to visit and let us know how little bug is growing...

    All the best during your pregnancy!

  • Thanks ladies!

    canuckmom that is really sweet - I am really sorry to be leaving all you lovely ladies so soon after getting to know you on the 6+ thread too (although not sorry about the reason of course!)

    I will definitely pop back and hang about here for a while yet as TTC still feels like my home (although I am crossing fingers I won't be properly back again for a long time...)

    Buckets of babydust to all. xxx

  • aw congratulations tilty image hope to be joining you soon!!
  • Congratulations huni xxxxx
  • Congratulations hope you have H&H9 months
  • Congratulations Tilty on your BFP xx
  • Congrats hun xx Really pleased for you xx
  • Congratulations tilty! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your symptoms too.

    Your rude veg worked eventually, I gave up on the idea, it didnt seem to work after a while.

  • Aw congratulations!!!xxxx
  • Tilty thank you for posting the symptoms or rather no symptoms image
    I find it interesting about the coffee and also have been told by a doc to try and cut down when ttc, I started to do so, but gave in eventually and am drinking around 3 cups a day again! Bit of an coffee addict! I think I will get some decaf now image

    Congratualtions again. We'll miss you in 6months ttc thread, but this is the way we all wanna go, we all want to leave and move to due in!

    Best of luck!

  • MPP, yes the rude veg got there in the end! I guess I will have to find a new pic at some point but am just too scared to change it at the moment so the rude carrot will remain for a few weeks yet!

    Naturelle, I didn't find it hard at all to switch to decaf - I really didn't notice the difference in taste one little bit (although I am a tea person so I don't know what decaf coffee is like!) It might well be worth a try as who knows... it could have helped me this month!

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and good wishes and I hope my total absence of symptoms has reassured at least a couple of people! xx
  • I know I've said it on our 6 month thread but CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I hope you have a fantastic 8 months x
  • Not sure why I didn't see this earlier but congrats hun - I'm really pleased for you, hope I'll be coming over to DIA! Oh and decaf tea - yuck :lol:
  • Hi Tilty

    G/C from DIM. Congratulations hun, have a fab pregnancy

  • Congratulations Tilty x
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