Bloody hormones! *Groan!.......*

My boobs are swollen and sore, my belly looks like I have swallowed a beach ball, my face looks like a relief map of the Himalaya's. Not had this many spots since I was about 17!!!! (oh, and my shin muscles hurt like hell after a long walk at the weekend). Anyone want to trade bodies for a bit?! x


  • Hi baby bump4 - i had mega bloated stomach last week (3 weeks after mc), mega spots to go with it (they were more like boils than spots), mega sore boobs (not swollen though- as miniscule as ever), and mega crampy pins and needles legs - a week on and i think things are getting better, although i did have the smear test set back, but pretty sure af is here so at least i know things are moving on. i am not saying for surethat it is af because it seems early and don't want to get my hopes up. this is the first time i have actually been happy to get a period. - can't wait to get trying soon
  • hi bexyh, Its annoying isnt it? It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since my mc, and I just want to know where I am now so I can get back to normal and ttc. my boobies are usually teeny too, which is why its so noticeable that they are bigger now. Oh commented too. He thinks Xmas has come early for him! lol! Ive got a huge spot on my head just in front of my ear, and its bloody sore! And I keep prodding it! My tummy is so round today that I cant fasten my jeans. (Maybe they shrunk in the wash?!) lol!

    Wish there was something we could drink to 'flush' out our hormones at times like this, and help things along to getting back to normal.
    Hope you are ok hun, and feeling better after your smear. Take care xx
  • still dizzy but have tablets for it so hopefully can start feeling better soon. gentle warning about first af after mc - mine started as a normal one so i thought i had got away with having an unusual period as they say it can be but today woke up in agony a very heavy af - hope it stops soon as well as the dizziness. on a positive stance at least af is here
  • Hi bexyh, glad you have got something for the dizziness. Did they say what caused it? Hope you feel better soon. x

    I feel a bit better today, my tum is back to normal, boobs still bigge and sooooo tender I cant bare them to be touched! Nipples are agony too today. Still spotty tho. On a brighter note, I think I am about to ov. I have loads of ewcm (sorry tmi), and Im feeling very h***y! Will be doing lots of bd'g these next few days, then wait and see.
    As you say, at least you can start counting your cycle days now that af has arrived. Fingers crossed for us eh?image xx
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