What's going on??

Hi ladies, just after a bit of advice really. My af is 4 days late now I think. I say I think because I definately had my period on 20th dec and then had one in jan but can't for the life of me remember the date! It must have been on time (cycle normally 28 days and never been late before) otherwise i would have noticed. We got married 2weeks ago so obviously it would be the best news ever if i was pregnant. I did a test yesterday and it was BFN. Thing is we only had UPSI on Sunday and Monday this week which I assumed would be out of the window for baby making?? We normally use condoms but got carried away. I have been getting period like pains since Sunday but no sign of her!

Anyways, what I am asking is what do you guys think??

Thanks in advance, sorry its long!


  • Well, first of all congratulations on your wedding New Mrs L!!! Hope you had a fab day.
    You never know unless you test, but i do think your missing period is down to the stress and excitement of your wedding. Its too early to show up on a test from Sun/Mon so if it hasn't arrived in a week test again to make sure.
    Good luck with ttc hun x
  • Thanks Kaiti B. Wedding was brilliant. This would just be the icing on the cake!! Was wondering was it due to wedding stress but dont think i was too stressed to be honest (apparently one of the most relaxed brides a few people had seen!!). Did a test yday and it was negative so still none the wiser! Just want to know now!!
  • just bumping!
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