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af late !

hi all just need a little advice af due two days ago, no show ( still no holding much hope), i did a pg test this afternoon test said could do any time, when should i test again, am peeing like a race horse and only have slight twings down below ( sorry if tmi)? help please cheers fiz


  • Hi hun, the doc normally advises to give it a wk and test again although if ur anything like me u cant wait that long, give it a few more days and test again xx
  • hi thanks woomummy, have no finger nails left, will try and wait, thanks again x
  • hi fiz, im in same boat, was due monday and still no sign, i done two tests, one early test sat, and another tues, both negative. good luck xx
  • good luck Fiz hope u get a BFP soon hun x
  • No probs hun, fingers crossed for u, keep us posted xx
  • Best of luck for when you test...i know it must be hard but try and leave it for a good few more days. thouhg must be the most impateint person going! GOOD LUCK!!!

  • hi again, well still no show going to leave it now till after bank holiday if i can possible wait that long!1 keep yoou all informed
  • keeping fingers crossed for you. Good luck
  • hi
    just an update no sign of af now three days ish late, and my head is in a spin really want bfp but do not want to get my hopes up x will keep you all informed x
  • Hi fiz

    Im in the same boat as you 2 days late. I did a preg test this am but bfn. Really frustrating not knowing either way. Good luck. xx
  • Hi im in same boat as well. am on cd31/28-30 did test today and BFN. Af hasnt shown either.
    Hopefully we will have bfp by end of week
  • Hi
    Hope you all get your BFP soon,i took my test 4 days after my af was due and got positive result,i think its different for everyone really depends on you hormone levels.I think its probably best to wait a week after your af is due if you dont get a pos result straight away.

    good luck everyone!
    charlie x 11+5 ;\)
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