tentatively saying Hi- again

Hi there
I'm sneaking into ttc though offically not trying right now if that makes sense...

Intro time- I've a gorgeous little girl, Lorelei, who is 14 months and unfortunately I lost a little boy, Casey, in Dec 09 (3 days after dd's 1st b'day image ) when i was 18 wks. At the time I said ti hubby I didn't want to try for another year but once the hormones settled I suggested maybe revising to 6 months and then few weeks ago I suggested maybe revising to now :lol:
Dude was grand to try again in June but not so sure about now however he has agreed to discuss it when we're on holiday in 3 weeks. Hoping he's going to agree to sooner rather than later but either way I thought I'd introduce myself as be ttc soon...
I'm still heartbroken about my little boy but our reasons for having him are still there- we wanted another baby and to have our kids close in age. I'll always be sad about losing him but really do want another baby and I feel that I've given it enough thought that I want another not to replace the baby I lost but as a sibling to our daughter and a new addition to our wee family.
Anyway, thought i'd say Hi as I'm forever lurking and didn't want to start replying to posts in case you all thought i was a random weirdoimage
Looking forward to getting to know you all,
Rosa x


  • Hi Rosa, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss hun, I hope you get some happy news soon xx
  • so sorry about ur loss. hope u an hubby decide what to do on ur well deserved holiday.

  • So sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure your hubby will come round. He's probably just really scared about the whole thing. I'm sure once you've explained you really are ready to try again, all he will want to do is make you happy. Good luck ttc hun and very sticky dust to you x x x
  • Thanks ladies for the warm welcome image
    I think he is a little nervous but what happened lo was one to one in a million things so shouldn't happen again (though can never be totally certain I guess) but also he wants me to ready physically and mentally and if we had a bfp in next month or two it would me giving birth for 3rd time in 2 years! But I believe our bodies are amazing things and if it wasn't ready then I'll be hanging about this forum for a while image
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