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hey all,

havent been on here for a while, cos i didnt want to get too obsessed! but this morning i took a test and it was a BFP!! still cant believe it. Went to the doctors this morning (was already going for another reason) and as i havent had a period since coming off the pill, they dont know how far i am and i have to wait for my first midwife appointment to know, which is 9th Oct!!!!!!!!!!!!! its crazy!!

Can i ask thou, as there have been a few BFP recently, how many tests have people been doing? i have only done one, but how likely is it to be a false positive?!?! i know i sound a bit crazy but i still cant quite believe it!!!

Good luck to all trying!! baby dust for everyone!! image


  • CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!!

    Den xx
  • congratsulations hun enjoy your pregnancy xxxx
  • Congratulations!
    I only did 1 test but alot of people do a couple just to make sure.I dont think a false positive is very common, i personally dont think they can be positive for no reason but some people say they have had false positives. Get another test just to make sure and enjoy your pregnancy!

    charlie x 12wks
  • I only did the one but if it'll make you feel better do a second but there is no need! I have to say though that I don't think your midwife will be able to tell you how far on you are (sorry don't want to disappoint) but you will need a dating scan for that there is nothign the midwife does at that appt that can tell her how far on you are.

    Anyway congrats and relax and enjoy!
  • hey, I was told that i would have a scan at the first appointment? is this not normal?

  • you prob wont have scan at forst app hun your midwife will prob book you one while you are there, mine did. congrats i know what you meen about doing more than one test in case of neg result i did 6 before i beleived it!! joseph is now 17 weeks old. good luck xxx
  • maybe they will scan you at first appt with you not having had a period since being off pill and it that's what they told you? But no that is not normal as they don't have ultrasound equipment at the midwife - you have to go to the sonographer for that!
  • Hi LS0902. Many, many congratulations to you. Hope everything goes well. When i fell pg last year having not had a period for 2/3 months, my doctor referred me for a dating scan almost straight away. This was well before any midwife appointment. Sadly, i lost that baby but i am sure that your doctor could refer you like mine did image Enjoy your pregnancy. lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Congratulations! hope all goes well i think i did a couple of tests with mine as they were always very faint xx
  • Hello and congratulations! That's great news. Oct 9th will seem like a lifetime away for you but it's actually my due day - 42 days to go and it feels like it's come round quick!!!
    I didn't see my midwife for ages after my first appt and not having periods for 11 years had little idea about due dates etc. Eventually found out at my scan that I was 14 weeks. I took a few tests because it's hard to believe. And I left them on the side in the bathroom for ages so I could keep looking at them!
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