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damn body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi just wanted some advice and wandered if anybody else has had the same problem. i came off the pill in december 07 and didnt have af for about 3 months. then i had af and the following month had af again which came on time according to last. then i didnt have another for about 2-3 months then i had another which was last month but according to last months dates i should have had af on wednesday but nearly a week late now and nothing!! Surely my body should be back to normal by now??!! if i remember righlty before i went on pill i dont think i evr had regular af's. they came regulary but lasted for about 3 weeks each time!! damn body!!! any suggestions?? xxx


  • Have you done a HPT?
  • No i havent yet going to do one in the morning but even if its a bfp i had my last af 2nd july so it still wouldnt explain the last 8 months of complete havoc!!
  • Have you tried agnus cactus to regulate them or maybe go to docs to see if they can suggest anything and do some blood tests. Good luck. Sxx
  • My Nurse did say to me when I came off the pill that it could take up to a year for my cycle to regulate itself again so I would put it down to still adjusting to coming off the pill.

    HTH xx

  • Hi Sweetie123, I have been the same since coming off the pill in March and didn't get my first AF for about 2 months. I am having reflexology to help stabilise my cycle as the doc said he would do nothing unless I had more than 6 months between AF!! I thought that was ridiculous!! People on here have had better luck with their doctors though so there's no harm in trying to see if your's is more helpful! I would strongly recommend reflexology though - while my cycle is still all over the place - it really relaxes me and calms me down and it's so nice to talk to someone neutral about it all and she listens and offers great advice as well. This week she felt a part of my foot near my ankle but on the side and said she thinks I won't be due AF for another 4 weeks as it wasn't 'full'. I don't know what that means but for some reason it helped to know that she can see whether my body is working or not! She touches a part on the side of my leg too and I have to tell her how much it hurts on a scale of 1-10. It's usually about an 8 and she always tells me how good that is as that is my ovaries working! Yippee!! So I am not pg yet but am hopeful it will happen soon!! She had 22 women on her books last year and 20 of them are now pg!! Those are good odds in my book!!

    S xx
  • That is really fascinating that people are able to tell you these things just by touching parts of your body isnt it??!! Yes I thought that it was just down to coming off the pill too but when i saw doc 2 months ago he said i should at least be seeing some sort of regularity by now but im not and its been 8 months. Will do a hpt this evening and if bfn i will go and see doc again tomorrow as he told me if i was still having trouble and missed another 2 afs then to go back and see him so wish me luck xxx
  • Good luck Sweetie and let me know what happens. I am on my 5th month of ttc but only 3 AFs as my cycles are so irregular. They did seem to be coming down to 30 days but then I was 38 last month which caused all sorts of pg excitement only to be disappointed!

    You may be pg though - it's not over till AF shows!!

    S xx
  • I know what u mean iv only had 3 afs since december which is why im not getting my hopes up as iv gone 3 months before without af!! will test later though and see how it goes!! fingers crossed xxx
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