couple of questions

for everyone that has been or is pregnant,

what where the symptoms you had?
and how long after your af was due did you get a bfp?

I am due my af on monday done a test this morning which was bfn had cramps yesterday and today along with sore head feeling sicky and a bit light headed.


  • i am having a small amout of cm still. af is due wed. might test mon morning.
  • I have been having that SB like the type yu get around ovulation my nipples have been errect as well on a constant basis do you think that sould be a sign?? xx
  • hi i got my bfp a week after af was due. i have had no symptoms really at all throughout my whole pregnancy so everyone is different. the only thing i had early on was i was a bit tired and i had extra cm- i kept getting alot of ewcm all the time which i dont normally get so this is what made me think something was different.
    princess+millie 22+5 xxx
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