Off Dianette and Nothing

Hi there, I????m new to this site and have read many of your comments. I stopped Dianette after 13 years, at the beginning of March. I had my withdrawl period, but nothing since. What????s clomid? :? I????ve seen it mentioned on here, but I????m not upto date on all the abbreviations (any help wold be great). My friend was on Dianette for 16 years, stopped in December and was prenant by 20th January! Is it me or is everyone pregnant at the moment. Feeling very fed up :cry:. I live in Spain so stuff that you????d buy in the chemist/tescos isn????t as easy to pick up over here. I think this site is great as I now know I????n not alone.


  • Hi ceebee, sorry you're feeling a bit down, I had a 44 day cycle when I first came off the pill but some have waited longer, I hope you get af/BFP soon. Clomid is a fertility drug, I think it's to bring on Ovulation but not too sure.

    Where do you live in Spain, I'm in Sevilla!!! Know what you mean about buying bits, I've bought hpt's from ebay in Uk, costs more on postage etc but still. You are sooooo not alone!!!!
  • I waited 101 days for my first AF after coming off the pill. Don't worry, it WILL come!
  • I know what you mean ..everyone I know either has kids or can get pregnant at the drop of a hat!! I also stopped Dianette in March also after about 12 years and still no period. I have been taking agnus castus to try and regulate my cycle but still nothing! I have decided to go to my GP in a month or so if no change as at 36 my clock s ticking very loudly!
  • It does always seem that there are so many pregnant women or babies around when your trying to get pregnant yourself! We probably notice it more because we're so obsessed with getting pregnant! Your time will come ladies! xx
  • I came off the pill in March after 11 yrs just like you and my AF came 44 days after.. I was getting so worked up just like you are and so wanted my cycle to settle straight i'm just hoping I will be regular when AF is due again...
    Relax and don't worry...x
  • Everyone is different, I was hoping I wouldnt have to wait too long and I was pretty lucky, my first cycle was only 36 days long after coming off the pill for about 10 years. Strange thing was that I had absolutely no signs (period pains, spots etc) this nice it would be to get rid of those on a permanent basis!
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