Need urgent advice please. BIG UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Well, first, i am glad to be back, i was diagnosed with antiphospholipid antibody syndome, was a little depressed and went away with my OH to visit my inlaws, i enjoyed my time, although i was feeling dizzy and a little icky most of the time and threw up once. I was sure i am not pregnant as for the first time in my life i didnt get any EWCM and so i though i havent ovulated.
Well, i feel so so so tired (but i am taking progesterone supplemnt as i also have low progesterone and spotting alot), icky icky, headache, and really dizzy. My AF is due after 4 days(i usually have a 28 day cycle), well i tested today, and i have a faint line, faint pinkish line that appeared after 4 minutes.

I cant think, and i diont know what or huh?
Am i or am i not?
It woud be so great as our wedding anniversary is after tommorrow, and it would be a great gift to my OH

so ladies? What do you think


Well ladies, couldnt help it first i told my OH right away, he looked at the test and could see a line :\) ,
second i did a CBD today and the results are : Pregnant 1-2 weeks
I cant believe it, i was spotting today and yesterday some very light brownish color just when i wipe, perhaps implantation.
I thank you ladies very much, please wish me luck, i need it. We decided not to tell our families yet untill at least we past the point where we lost our first baby (7weeks)
So here we go image

Renee xxxxxx

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  • A line is a line congrats renee18
  • HI Renee....hope it's a bfp for you hun! As libranaster says a line is a line, so congratulations sweetie xx
  • you do not need EWCM to ovulate it just helps keep the swimmers alive longer, so if you bd at the right time yo9u could have, i will wisper comgratulations and wait for your officaill post x
  • renee, I remember you were my cycle buddy a few weeks ago, must have been before you went away.

    I hope this is a BFP for you, sounds promising, and what a lovely anniversary present. x
  • I would do a CBD and see what it says or an FR?

    Whispering congrats to you!!

  • do you have any other tests to do hun? what test did you use?

    as they say a line is usually a line if read within the time line so its looking great for you,you might just have to wait until tomorrow morning and test again with fmu to get the best results x x

    fingers crossed for another line,,,,whispering congratulations for now x x
  • Thank you ladies, i pray to God it is BFP, i will test again tomorrow (or if i can hold it back after tomorrow)
    I live in Germany with my OH, but i think my doctor wont mind testing me, as if i am pregnant i should start taking daily Heparin (blood thinning drugs that preven clots) injections.

    But i am only in CD24, so hopefully tomorrow will bring me good news

    Renee xx
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you x
  • Well Maria, as i said, i didnt even believe that i ovulated this month, so i have no idea what dpo i am in, but i was expecting my af to come after 4 days, so perhaps i am 10 or 11 dpo!!

    The test i used to day is made in Germnay and is supposed to be very sensitive (10miu/ml), however i think i will buy a CBD.

    I really wish it is true

    Renee xx
  • Hi Renee18

    It sounds very promising and I certainly agree a line is a line, no matter how faint. The only concern I would have is the timing of the test, was 4 minutes within the recommended time allowance?

    I'd definitely recommend testing with a FR or CBD, they give a much clearer result than the strip tests.

    Also I agree with the others, you don't need to have EWCM to OV as I hardly ever got it. Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    Exciting times Renee!!!!
    Whispering a very excited good luck to you!!
  • Thank you ladies, i can hardly breathe.
    My OH is supposed to come back in 2 hours, i hope i can keep my big mouth shut.
    I dont want to raise his hopes and then let him down.

    Love you all
    Renee xx
  • MrsDao, we have been both through alot, i wish both of us a BFP

    Renee xx
  • Congratulations renee18, see you in the December forum xx
  • Crossed fingers that you get a nice strong line this morning! xx
  • Congrats Renee! How exciting!
    What is your due date?
  • big congratulations x x x
  • Oh Renee - I cried my eyes out when I saw your post! Im so pleased for you and have everything crossed that everything goes well for you.

    Oh...Im so excited for you after everything you have been through!!!

    Got to go and get a tissue!!!!!!!! Congrats xxxxxx
  • huge congratualtions! There must have been something in the water this month!
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