Don't wanna symptom spot but...

I have to tell you guys cos Im driving myself insane!!!!!

Went out for a drink fri night and even though i'd had a sneaky after work nap, I was still soooo tired by like 10pm. This isn't very normal for me at all. Also I was just on my usual vodka and lemonade but I kept feelin queasy drinking it, I hadn't had enough to make me feel ill, just felt off it.

My ( . )( . ) are ridiculously heavy and sore too!

Oh and my lower tummy (womb area) feels really tight and bloated.

I have never had any symptoms on any other cycle so I feel like I'm going insane cos Im not due till thurs but if AF comes I am going to be sooooo gutted its unreal!

Just thought I'd share these with you!

Anyone else testing this week???

H x x x


  • ooooo sounds good hun! how may DPO are you? im not testing until 27th,i have a few symptoms too, i am kind of exxcited, but dont want to work myself up alot, coz im worried about being let down by a BFN. when are u testing hun!? wish you the bestest of luck xxxxxxx
  • thanks *me* - im cd24 out of cycle 27/28!
    9dpo- tested this mornin - so impatient! - BFN but just waiting now!
    how many DPO ru?
  • I'm symptom spotting as well so thought I'd g/c!!
    Your symptoms sound really positive hon - I have the bloated feeling & funny pulling feelings in my womb area. Feels like mild af cramps but have had them for a few days now and af not due til weekend.

    And today I keep going dizzy, the thought of touching raw meat has almost made me throw up (tmi sorry) and I'm feeling really queasy all the time, but most especially when I'm hungry (which is always at the minute!)

    I've spoken to hubby & we're testing on sunday morning if no af, got a couple of tests in just in case!! Just don't feel myself. Maybe we'll all get our bfps together :\)

    Are you testing thurs or waiting a few days after Mrs A?
  • im in the same boat girls! Not due on til next week but been having slight cramps, blaotedness, very windy and twinges in my boobs. Im probably just imagine things!! x
  • hiya! oooh could be some BFPs by next weekend then!

    Still got major ( . )( . ) ache! Can't even sleep on my front at the moment! Im CD25 today and still BFN but i'll have to just keep testing until i get the BFP! (or af!)

    Im also got super emotional too - started that horrible croaky upset voice at work the other day cos thingsw were so bad there! And also got a bit blubby on the phone to my mum last night! Completely out of character so whether its the tiredness and work stress or pregnancy I dont know!

    Soooooo want it to be this month!
  • im exactly the same! on CD 28 today!

    got loads of cm and gettin really weird feelings in the bottom of my stomach! trying not to get my hopes up as i had way more 'symptoms' last month and af turned up!

    gonna wait till saturday to test to avoid been dissapointed if BFN image

    good luck to you!!! baby dust to all image

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