herbs and things

right, I've got zita west book and also seen lots of herbs and vitamins to help with fertility mentioned on the internet, but I'm worried about what the actual effects could be, ie. some are for low progesterone some for low oestrogen and the symptoms all seem to be pms type symptoms, so I could end up taking the wrong one?!? What do people know about these and what they are for!?
Vitex Agnus Castus (Chasteberry)
Vitamin B6
Red Clover (or is it raspberry?)
Black Cohoosh
Has anyone tried them?


  • hmmm it's all very complicated! I've got some vit b6, I'm going to get some agnus castus too as I get headaches which I think is a sign of low progesterone?!?!? Was it the doctor or a herbalist that advised you what to take? How many months have you been trying?
  • Zita West sells her own supplements but they are v pricey - about ??20 for a months supply!
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