Aches and pains?

Today I have been getting an odd kind of stabbing pain in my left side, and more recently stabbing kind of pains in my boobs image What's all that about then?

AF due on Saturday.....trying to hold off testing! lol!


  • hmmm, no idea but didnt want to r&r! If these are new pains for you at this stage of your cycle, then it could be a sign of good things to come? hope so! When will you be testing? Good luck, and babydust! xx
  • Yep, totally new. I normally get sore/swollen boobs days 17-20 and I've had these since day 17 and it's now day 24 of 26 day cycle.

    I want to test now, but know it's probably a waste of time!

    Thanks for replying image
  • Have you got any of your usual af symptoms? If not then that coupled with these new pains could be v. promising. Are you going to wait until you are late to test? Dont blame you if you do, even tho the wait is a killer! lol! Best of luck, hope you leave us to join the March09 forum! x
  • All I normally get is the sore boobs as above, the fact that they've continued and I've now got more pain, and also odd crampy feelings in my stomach-ish makes me hopeful!

    As much as I love it here I would love to go to another forum! lol!
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