Do you tell people you're ttc?

Bit nosy i know but i just wondered whether you tell people, ie family, close friends or even random people generally (!) that you're ttc. We've only been ttc since beginning of May properly, I'm quite secretive about it, haven't told any of my friends, even my mum! Tbh I wouldn't mind telling my mum, but I've got it in my head that if i tell anyone it will somehow increase the pressure. We got married last year and ppl are bad enough for constantly asking 'no pitterpatter of tiny feet yet???'... i usually just shrug my shoulders and say nah we're in no rush! If only they knew how blimmin impatient i am in reality! lol :roll:



  • Most people I know know that I want to have a baby soon, but only a few know that we're actively trying - My mum, sisters and two close girlfriends..
  • Hi,most people know that we're ttc our 2nd baby.I f people ask i do tell them,but i must admit it does get a bit frustrating everytime i see people they always ask 'any news yet'?I don't really mind,it'll happen when it happens!
  • Hey Lily, I told a few of my close friends but that's about it, my oh is a very private person and didn't really want anyone to know, unfortunately I am a total blabber mouth and can't keep anything to myself for longer then about 5 second. Hence the fact the whole world knows that's i'm pregnant now, my oh said last night that I might as well take out a front page ad in the local newspaper ha ha x
  • hi, my immediate family know (mum dad and sis) and OH's too (altho not by choice - she just assumed!) not really mentioned it to friends as, like you say, it's bad enough having been married 9 months with people saying - any sign yet?! ARGGHHH!!!!!!! no there is not and no it's not easy!
    had to tell my close family as had a few probs and needed lap and dye a few weeks ago - exactly as my mum did with me and my sis...hmmm...I see a pattern forming!!

    good luck with TTC! xx
  • I got married in May and have been asked if we are trying all the time! We have told OH's sis and cousin but only because they kept banging on about it as they are desperate to see him with a child! I've told a couple of friends but to be honest I don't want too many people to know in case they keep talking about it all the time and I feel too pressurised!
  • I've let some friends know and my mum. Though tbh I wish I hadn't gone that far, they keep asking how it's going. And last xmas my mum said in front of the family about 'when am I going to get round to having a baby' I soon told her after that we are trying it's just proving very easy!
  • we told close friends as like you poeple were asking. thing is they then keep bloody asking!!
    sasha - love your lil bunny on your avatar - gorgeous!!
  • my close friends who already have children and my mum knew but thats about it. now were pg weve told mine and hubbys parents but thats it as had prev mc so didnt wana tell anyone else (except u guys on here lol) but its actually nice keeping it to ourselves, like our little secret. x
  • My OH and I haven't told anyone yet. I'm tempted to tell my mum, as she's a midwife and I think she might be helpful, but it oddly feels like I'm tempting fate if I tell anyone. Weird, isn't it?

    I think like most of you, if I tell people, I'll get fed up of people asking and feel more pressure. I actually told my brother off the other day for asking about it! I pointed out that some people have problems conceiving so its an insensitive question. I must have ranted as he looked quite taken aback!
  • I am a blabber mouth and have told the whole world. I even told a woman in the street the other day that I'd only just met as she asked if we had children. People do ask Q's but they'd ask stuff either way and I prefer to vent my frustrations. Think people are geting bored of it all now and I understand that as I'm bored of it too!
  • It's weird because I have been married for 18 months and no-one has ever asked me if we're planning a family. I did tell my best friend last year that we wanted to start trying but no-one else knows.
  • i've told my family and closest friend (she is 21weeks and I'd hoped to have our babies very close together but she conceived in her 2nd month of trying and i'm on month 6!!). I don't get any irratating comments or "well... any news yet" stuff from them which is great as that would drive me bonkers!! Glad I told my Mum as she took a while to conceive 1st time and that has actually made me less stressed and impatient as i know it may well take me a while too.
  • Deputy Gibbon - that is so helpful. Good to know that she did conceive even if it took a while! It gives me hope.

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  • We didn't tell anyone we were ttc. And when I got my bfp we weren't going to tell anyone until 12 weeks. But when I mc'd a few weeks ago I couldn't cope with putting on a brave face so we just told everyone what had happened. So they all know we want a baby now. I do feel it has put added pressure on and expect the questions to start in a month or so when they think I have had enough time to get pg again! It is going to drive me mad. If ever I turn down a drink or anything they are going to know for sure so now we might as well just tell people before 12 weeks when we get our next bfp! x
  • we havent told anyone. I always have people asking me and then it makes me sad coz im not pregnant so i change the convosation and then come home and tell hubby what happened and why im sad and he doesnt get it coz no-one asks him, tell always bloody ask me!! my best friend knows i want a baby but thinks that hubby wants to wait a while. i hate lying to her and i know she will be so supportive when i am pregnant as will all our other friends but we really want to do this without people we knows input (doesnt include you lot) and we have said we will keep pregnancay a secret until 12 week scan too if we can!! my mum wants us to have a baby and she was telling me it took her 6 months to fall with me so im trying to be patient (will be on 2nd full month of ttc,2 when af leaves)
  • we hadn't told anyone (but hubby told him mom we would probably start at some point this year) so it was a big surprise for everyone when we got bfp - i told my family straight away and am glad i did as i had a lot of support when i had mc. so now i guess people suspect we are ttc again but i don;t mind as it means they won't ask!! before we would get comments and be asked questions like when were we going to start trying etc and i would never know what to say - whether to be honest or not. but no one has said anything since mc so i guess i'll let them think what they like!
    having said this, i have told a friend at work who has supported me through mc and it is nice to have someone to talk to about it out loud. she was almost as excited as i was when i told her i'd got my first AF since mc the other week!!

  • We told my best friend who has just had a baby so she has been really helpful, I then much later on told another frind when i had had 1 to many glasses of wine wo quite a few more friend no now. We told our parents a couple of weekends ago due to finding out i have PCOS. It seems to have made things more relaxed becasue i don't have to sneak around anymore.
  • i told one of my sisters & best friend, oh told his sister and her hubbie but thats it!!!
    its oh's sister who is giving me reflexology so shes been really supportive and not asking all the time, only talks about it when i bring it up!!!
    my best friend has been cool as well no one is really pressuring me which was one of the reasons we didn't really want to tell anyone to start with but oh couldn't hold his water!! so to speak! lol!!
    we don't really get to much pressure as we're not married yet!!
  • i have told my mum and sister, close friends and one person at work (she is 6mths so thought she would be good for questioning - lol!), but that is it!! OH hasn't told anyone cos he is like that tbh! I will only tell mum, sis and best mate tho when it happens until we are past the 12wks!! I will want to tell people, but I can do that on here and hopefully it will stop my obsession!!

    I am not married but we have been 2gether 7yrs and people always ask when it will be our turn - especially now my 18yr old cousin is 6mths pg!! It is a nightmare and bugs the hell out of me as it isn't any of their business. I always say 'when the time is right' and they shut up then - til the next time!
  • we havent actually told anyone we are, but suppose people know we are trying because i get asked every day! it annoys me so much why people are no intrusive, we got married in feb and we are both 38 so suppose people put 2 and 2 together xx
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