Light at the end of the tunnel

I just wanted to share this, although its not a BFP - its still a move in the right direction. image image

The Dr has given DH the number to arrange have his little swimmers tested - and has offered for me to have another set of 21 day bloods. I had these done a while back in Feb but they forgot to do the Progesterone ones! So have to have them done again. I am not the biggest fan of needles but it will all be worth it in the end. DH first test is not until July.

I had to share this with someone - not many people know we are TTC, and of those who do know (my two closest friends) I dont want them to be asking lots of questions! (its bad enough getting them asking every month as it is!).

I know we are incredibly lucky to have such proactive Drs, as some people on here have had bad experiences. I also wanted to say to girlies who are worried about going, that my Dr has been brilliant.

Baby dust to all.


  • am pleased for u that its going in the right direction that you wanted xx
  • So pleased you are being "taken care" of!

    Looking forward to reading your BFP post in the near future!

  • hiya DP
    Me and hubby went to the drs last week and same as you, our drs were great. Ive had my CD21 bloods and waiting for the results and hubby is getting his appt next week to then get referred to 'swimmers' clinic!

    Glad you have made some progress, i found it was a huge relief after we had appt over.

    Hope ur okay and get ur BFP soon!
    H x
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