9DPO - confused

hi ladies,

sorry - i know i posted something pretty much similar earlier, but i need some answers, i am sitting on google too much trying to find out!

i am at 9DPO and today and yesterday i had quite a dip in my temps, but not below cover line yet. this is too early for AF surely? but i have got BAD cramps today, just like AF arriving. no other af symptoms though.

please help! not sure what to think! xx


  • well, there's still no sign of AF yet, but cramps are really bad and JUST like she's around the corner.
    this can go one of two ways i think: get AF tonight or tomorrow (and realise i have a VERY short LP) or, my temps go back up tomorrow and i am still in with a chance. fingers crossed for the latter x
  • Hi hun, I don't chart my temps but I've heard you can get an implantation dip which would match in with your dates (8/9dpo) fingers crossed!! xx
  • hay hun i had my bfp thismorning and it still fells like af will be with me any mo....

    i have to keep checking she isnt here image

    good luck gems and pud
  • Livvy
    I've read somewhere that some ladies have had cramps around implantation - which at 10DPO could be possible for you?
    Don't want to raise hopes too much - everyone's symptoms are different. But you never know this could be your month?

    Fingers crossed for you
  • Hope it is your turn Livvy. My body is playing games with me at the moment too. I am either CD 3 or 8DPO!!!!!!
  • thanks ladies, but as you can see from my other post....i dont think its implantation dip....its lasted 3 mornings now - oh well, just gotta wait for af now. i hate her so much!!!! x
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