Hi - just found this sight.

Hi just thought id introduce myself as I found this sight when I was browsin

Im 27 and me and my hubby decided to have a baby 6 months ago - came off the pill and thought it would be really easy - not so much =s Didnt realised how frustrating and hard making a baby could be! It seemd the obvious thing when we got married.

I didnt think or realise that others were going throug the same thing as us.



  • Hi Jess,
    Believe us all when we say it aint easy and sooooo frustrating. Welcome to the site by the way. Everyone on here is very lovely and supportive, its like a big family. Hope you get your BFP really soon.
  • Hello and welcome. Hope you get your bfp soon.xx
  • Hi sweetie
    welcome to the site
    I didnt realise how emotionally draining trying for a baby would be. But chatting on this site helps loads.
    Best of luck to you for a BFP soon!!
  • Hi Jess, welcome to the site, giving you lots of babydust xxx
  • we've all had it drummed into us by parents etc that you have sex once without protection and you'll get pregnant- what a lie!!
  • Hi Jess, welcome to the site. It's a great place for support and advice, really friendly. You pick up good tips, and no question is a silly question. Hope you get a bfp really soon.

    I'm 32 and going into 4th month ttc. xx
  • hi jess welcome to the site hope you get your bfp soon.xxx
  • Welcome to the site!! You are sooo not alone!! We all find it difficult and frustrating, but everyone here is such great support! You can ask anything and know someone will have been there or have ideas! Good luck and let's hope you get your BFP soon. I am on CD 37 of my 2nd cycle (last was 40 days) and am 28! I am hoping it doesn't take too long to get my BFP - although ideally I would like to get it by September! Heres hoping xx
  • hey hun, every one is really lovely here, hope it happens soon 4 u xxxxxx
  • hello and welcome! just wanted to send you lots of welcoming babydust and hope you get a bfp soon image xx
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