loosing faith!

hey, i am 21 and my partner is 23, we have been TTC for 6months and have been thru one miscarraige, this is our first month using the clearblue fertility monitor, i was just wondering if anyone had used the monitor in the past and how quickly they had success as im starting to loose faith and it seems like i will never get pregnant!! your reply would be very much appriciated. also a friend of my is 18 weeks pregnant and i never look forward to going to see her as i just cant bare it, is that really awful of me or has any1 else been the same? xx


  • Hi Sally,

    I am 22 and my OH 27 and we were TTC for 15months. I bought a CBFM and got our BFP the 2nd month using it and I am now 8weeks pregnant :\)

    Please don't lose faith hun, I know it feels like forever and it must have been awful when you had your miscarraige and I used to think it would never happen but it has and I thoroughly believe it was thanks to the CBFM.

    With how you feel about dreading seeing your friend its totally normal. My younger sister got pregnant 3months after we started TTC and it was so hard because we were close and I kept thinking I would be pregnant by time she had a bump/then before baby came but baby was 6months before I got my BFP. It was wonderful getting to share her pregnancy with her and spend time with LO but I did always feel jealous too.

    I am sure I will be seeing you in pregnancy soon, sorry about the essay by the way xx
  • Hi hun,
    Know exactly how you feel, I had a mc at xmas time after only 3 months ttc, 2 of my friends are pregnant and I am happy for them but devastated at the same time.
    It will happen hun, keep strong xxx
  • thanx for your message, and congrats to you, you must be so happy! i guess im just being inpatient. it seems people get prenant so easy when they are not trying and then when you are it takes forever! all the best for your pregnancy hun xx
  • hey MrsH, is not easy is it, when your not with them your happy for them and when you are you feel devastated!! hope you get your BFP soon and all goes well for you second time rond if you are still TTC xx
  • Thanks hun, we will be back in ttc game once my body returns to 'normal'!

    If you need some support hun, there are so many lovely girls over in the 'ttc after mc/ect' forum, they have been a wonderful support to me recently.
    Look forward to reading about your BFP soon hun

  • I got my BFP on month 3 using CBFM after trying for quite a few months with no luck. Sadly that ended in mc but we are on month 2 of ttc again with it now. I also feel mixed feelings when seeing friends who are pregnant. It's so natural to feel that way when you are trying or have lost a baby.
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