Would you do this?

I thought about starting a pack of pills (left over from last year) on my next cycle as apparantely you're supposed to be more fertile after coming off it. Am I just totally crazy to even think such a thing or do you think its worth considering? I'm sure I read before about someone doing something similar as instructed by their Dr?



  • I have heard this too but i wouldn't take them in case they send your cycle doolally. Plus the sudden rush of hormones might send your body into symptom central!

  • i will never let another pill cross my lips!!
    its evil and i think it would just decide to mess me about again!!! lol!!
  • Noooo dont do it joo! Like ladyinpink says its not worth the risk of messing up your cycles. Step away from the pills! lol xxxxx
  • I am a crazy lady then!!!

    Zammo - been trying for 4 months now, so I don't have a real place to moan about it I know that really... I am regular ish - cycles are on average between 24-28 days.

    Hubby said I was nuts so I guess that means I won't be doing it!

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