completely bonkers cycle - absolutely no pma at all

Hello everyone, I've been away for months trying not to think about babies after mc at easter but we have been ttc now for a couple of months but my cycle this month is crazy. I had two normal afs and cycles, then this one is off the wall. To sum up: 6 day af, one day clear then another 6 days of af but heavier. Ov on day27 (but didn't time bd very well so not expecting bfp this month) then started spotting on day 33 and still spotting now on day 41. a normal cycle for me is 34 days. What the hell is going on?

added to this is the fact that in the first half of my cycle this month i had weird pains between belly button and pubic hair area (sorry tmi but only way to describe area) that felt similar to pains i had after mc or stretching during pg. these have gone now tho. Went to doctor about it all and he said to wait for another 2 cycles to see if it continues then go back if it does. very helpful then!

i've been quite positiveabout it all but made the mistake of googling it and now i am convinced i have a low progesterone problem! lol

so if anyone could let me now if they have experienced anything similar after mc i'd be grateful.

Good luck to everyone ttc and i'm really sorry for people who have had bad news while i've been away. Big hugs everyone

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