AF got me just thought i'd let you know....

i had some spotting last night and AF pains properly started this morning. So she has arrived. What makes it so cruel and hard to deal with is that i had the faint positive lines....!

Very upset and not really thinking about the next month just yet.

Thanks for all your advice and help over the last few days. Honestly thought it was our month.



  • So sorry to hear she got you hun. She got me too in the end, two days late!! Damn the witch! I think thats why it's best to test after af is due. I had a simular situation to little wolf in Dec. Got BFP then had an early mc 10 days later. I wish I'd never tested that early as I was only a week late when I started bleeding image Huge hugs hun and PMA for next month x x x x

  • Hi Hun,

    So sorry to hear that af got you. I haven't mentioned it on here but I have had a similar situation this month. I wasn't sure when I was due af because I had had multiple positive opks this month for some strange reason so I tested early in the week using a cheapie test from the pound shop of all places! Got a very faint line,even dh could see it but it was v.v.faint. I didn't trust it but if I am being honest I did think it was the start of BFP. I tested again, got the same thing. So I did a FR few days later thinking I'd get a BFP and got again a very faint line but it disappeared as the test dried. Same thing happened the next morning.

    I still had PMA though, until I did a superdrug test and it was BFN. Then af got me!! I don't know what happened, I had thought perhaps it was a chemical pg but I don't know because when I had a chemical before the BFP I got was unmistakable, this time I didn't know if I was unlucky enough to get multiple evap lines-I don't know. It has been upsetting though because, like you must have done, I really did think I was pg.

    Big hugs hun...good luck to you and the rest of the ladies for BFP's all round very soon,

  • Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that pet. Really hope next month is your month. How lucky will your future little bean be, to be so completely wanted and loved before they're even here yet? xx
  • Aw hun hugs to you I know how you feel the same happened to me last month, I had faint lines on FR and SD but CBD said not pregnant and then af was 11 days late.

    So sorry same happened to you, is if full on af? because sometimes people can still have a light af and still be preg? is it worth maybe testing again next week.

  • Hi girls
    Yes had a very long good cry for a bit and then thought ....
    'there are so many women on here who are getting theirs BFP's every month and that it will be our turn soon. It's so nice to see how people on here are getting their BFP's, after months of trying, makes me feel normal and that most people do not fall pregnant the first month of trying.

    So onto the next month! Thank you all for your comments and sharing your experiences. I dont think anyone quite understands like you all on here!!! Though i dont know any of you personally i do feel that we are all there for each other- thanks so much!

    Like MrsRobinson says- all our future beans are loved so much already!!!

    I did test after my AF was due but only 2 days after so next month i am def going to wait! Going to get OH to hide the tests..... i think it would avoid a lot of heartache doing it that way.

    i think its full on AF Sparkling Diamond- wish it wasnt.

    Ok i am now going to snap out of it and look forward to the next month! Maybe a christmas pudding!?!?!?!
  • So sorry hun ((hugs)). Don't feel sad for long, gather up ur PMA and get back on it image

    Good luck, lots of baby dust to u x

    L x
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