TMI alert. . . . .

hi girls, sorry if this makes u feel sick but i need a bit of advice.

AF showed up mon evening when it was like pink stained mucus, this stayed until tues afternoon when it turned 2 a dark red colour and got really really heavy. I have PCOS so can go quite a while between periods. They have gotten more regular recently, my last 1 being 29th March, but I have gone for a year or more without AF and it has just been a normal flow when she's finally showed up.

Anyway, last night I went to bed about 12.30am with a super plus tampon and a night time towel (just incase I needed a bit of extra protection) and when I got up at 7.30am, I had soaked through the tampon, towel, my pj's and it was all over the sheets. Today i have been using the super plus tampons and a panty liner and have been having to change it every hour (or sooner if I've felt uncomfortable).

I feel a bit strange, not sure why, cant put my finger on it. Just feel a bit dizzy and achy & was getting a funny stabbing pain just below my belly button earlier on. I phoned NHS direct this evening & they advised me to see a gp asap, i went to see a gp (male) at the out of hours and he just dismissed it saying "well your having your period so what do you expect"!!

I'm a bit paranoid that this bleeding could be something more sinister but feel stupid going back to the dr again to be told its just a period!! Have any of you ladies experienced anything similar to this and have you any advice you can pass on??

Thanks for readin, sorry about the long post xxx


  • Hi hun
    I have only ever experienced this when i had my mmc last june, but i dont want to scare you.
    I would ignore the doc and go to hospital hun, just to be on the safe side, as if it is something worse you want to get it sorted.

    Sorry im not much more use.
  • thanks 4 the reply hun, I think i'm going 2 go and see my own GP 2moro. i POAS about 3-4 weeks ago and it was BFN but that doesnt really mean anything as it was a while ago so could be different now i suppose!!

    My SIL had a missed ectopic last year, A&E kept sending her home saying the pain was trapped wind!!!! when they eventually found it her tube was hours away from rupturing and she ended up having it removed. So i think thats what i'm more paranoid about!!

    Think I will POAS 2moro and then pay a visit to my gp.

    Thank you again xxx
  • Yeaaa sounds like a good idea hun, are you in any pain at all?
    Docs frustrate me so bad sometimes!
    They wonder why people lose faith in them.
    Last year when i had my mmc at 14 weeks i started to bleed and went to see the doc to be signed off work as thats what i was advised to do by the midwife at the hospital, when i went to see him he was like i will only sign you off for 2 days as its only a period!!!
    This was on the thurs and by the sat/early hours of sunday morning i was taken into hospital with hurrendous pain and very very heavy bleeding and got admitted.
    Completely lost faith in this doctor and refuse to see him now!

    Hope all is ok with you hun, thinking of you image
  • Thank you girls, I am Def gonna go Dr's 2moro as i've just been googling it and have a bit of a feeling it may be an early mc image ! I have had sore boobs and crampy pains 4 the last week (only time i have ever had sore boobs b4 was when i was 1st preg with DD).

    I'm not really in any pain, just my lady-bits feel bruised like i've been kicked in them and have a little back ache n general AF type cramps.

    I'll let u know what the Dr says 2moro & thank you all again 4 your replies xx
  • Hope you get an answer today. I'd try and see a nurse if I were you. It's become a bit of a joke between hubby and I that every time either of us have seen the GP over the last few years, for whatever reason, it's guaranteed we'll come home with no answer and prescription for antibiotics. Every time!

    The nurses on the other hand are always great.

    Good luck today x
  • Hiya hun, please let us know how it goes today - take care xxxxx
  • Hope your ok hun. Lets us know how you get on xxx
  • hopep ur ok!? go and see lady doc or nurse like k-a said xxxxx
  • hi girls, couldnt get an appt at the dr's until next week so they did a telephone appointment with me. It was a female doc n she was quite sympathetic.

    Told me not to worry to much as with PCOS the wrong hormones get produced at the wrong time so sometimes the lining of the womb thickens too much resulting in a very heavy period.

    I asked about m/c and she said that because we're TTC there's always that posibility that its a very early m/c or chemical preg. Although she said there's no point doing any sort of tests to see if this was the case as there's nothing that can be done so it might just upset me when there's no need to (if that makes sense lol)!!

    It has put my mind at rest a bit and she has prescribed me some tabs 2 control the bleeding and said 2 take ibuprofen for the pain (ibuprofen controls the bleeding and makes it lighter 2 which i never knew).

    Stupidly when I couldnt sleep last night, I watched "Jade, a year without her" about Jade Goody and there was footage of her saying that she 1st realised there was something wrong with her when she started having really heavy periods!! So I bawled my eyes out 4 the rest of the programme and convinced myself I was gonna drop dead 2day ha ha!!

    Anyway, i'm just gonna put it down to being a heavy period and hope it stops or at least slows down in the next few days. I'm due for a smear so gonna book myself in 4 that 2 in the next couple of weeks (now that I have made myself well n truly paranoid lol)

    Thanks again 4 all ur msg's girls xxx
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