I know it is really early but I don't care...

I registered to Mamas and Papas website and received a ??5 gift card for registering. I then requested a catalogue and just received it yesterday with another ??5 gift card. So I had a little look last night and ordered a 7 pack of premium cotton once upon a time bodysuits! I got them in newborn size. So this ladies is my first purchase for when we have a little baby. I have bought loads for my neice and my cousin's little girl the last couple of months so thought with the one of the vouchers I would order something as a surprise for OH. He doesn't know yet. I might tell him or wait till they are delivered.

Anyone else made any purchases yet ready for a baby? xx




  • Well, i did start buying little things before my MC started so i've got a big johnsons bumper box, bottles and wipes all from Asda's baby event. I also got some all in one body suit thingys with ears on!

    I don't care if people say you shouldn't buy too early, i think it's nice to get excited :\)

    Do you know if they'll do another round of baby shows before next year?
  • Hi shoegal,

    Thanks for the ticker info,now need to pick one!

    I love mamas and papas things! Although you gona think im crazy but im getting the pram next week,yup a pram. Just to try and jusfify myself lol,well its the icandy peach which comes as a single but can be converted to a double. As i know thats the pram i want i have decided not to wait until im pregnant but get it now and use it with my DD whos 7 months then convert it into a double wants no.2 is here.

    DH doesnt know yet lol
  • Uuuugh I sooo want to start buying stuff but the OH would freak! May just buy stuff and hide itimage xxx
  • Uuuugh I sooo want to start buying stuff but the OH would freak! May just buy stuff and hide itimage xxx

    Thats what i did with my first as hubby wanted to wait until i was 12 weeks before we started buying anything. But i couldnt wait 12 weeks so shopped in secret and hid things hee hee x
  • I've bought a few things! Got a little stash in one of my bedside drawers. i can't resist when i see little cute things plus i just love shopping. Besides, it can only help by spreading the cost of baby things.
  • Hi all

    I bought a I love my Daddy babygrow from next in newborn as I was getting faint lines and was sure i would get my BFP and be able to give it to DH but it turned out to be a chem pregnancy so have just stashed it.

    I'm waiting a little while longer before I buy things as would break my heart if i started buying loads and then had to give it away if we couldnt conceive.

    I wish I could be like some of you on here tho and just buy things as I agree it would help spread the cost but am just too paranoid something will happen or that we cant have kids


  • I'm the same SD - I would love to start buying things but it would just make me feel so awful if I couldn't ever conceive and had to get rid of everything. But maybe in the interests of positive thinking if I ever see anything especially cute I should just buy it... oooh, I'm just not sure! xx
  • my oh would freak out! I've got a wee nephew who's only three and a half months so I satisfy my cravings buying cute stuff for him - maybe when i have a lo then they will come back to me as hand-me-downs! That would be nice! lol
  • I am pleased I am not the only one that has started to purchase baby items already. I had never thought about it that way spreading the cost. I may start adding shampoos etc to the weekly shopping and then it won't be as much to pull out in one go. I am not sure I could afford to buy a pram at the minute but I can see the sense in it especially if you already have one baby Holly22. My OH seems more excited than me if that is possible ha image



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