so confussed please offer opinions

Ok my AF was due Monday so not mega late but am normally dead on the day. I did a test on Tuesday with a brand i had never heard of as it was all the chemist had, it was the type that is a dip stick one and it came back positive, the line was faint but was def there, anyway so i then went straight back out to another chemist and brought a 1st response test and it was negative. Then re-tested in morning so that was Wednesday and still negative.

Still no AF and am juat so confussed :roll:



  • Should i do another test do you think? or would you say the 2 negatives mean am out and the positive i got was just something random going on??
  • i have no idea my dear, i would probably go to drs for a blood test. i thought it was quite unusual to get a false positive so maybe there is a shy bean??? Hopefully anyway fingers crossed!
  • Its horrid isn't it? I would leave it a few days, see if AF appears then if not, pop to the doctors.

  • Everyone seems to be praising Superdrug tests for showing up early.
    Perhaps you could get one and wait until tomorrow and test with fmu.
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