First period after coming off the pill

Yesterday I really thought I might be pregnant but today I have started my first period since my withdrawal bleed when i came off the pill. It's seems lighter than normal and I know my periods used to be heavier before I went on the pill (10 years ago). Has anyone else had a light period when they have come off the pill? I feel really down as I had signs that I might be pregnant and feel really disappointed.


  • Hi Flowers1,

    Sorry you are feeling down about your period. How long have you been trying to conceive?

    I am just finishing my first period since stopping the pill in June so I was really pleased about mine as it's been a long 3 1/2 months without one or a bfp! I must say that mine has also been much lighter than I remember them. Also I didn't have any PMS or cramps and I used to be in agony with them, so I hope they will be the same in future (although I'm obviously hoping to get pregnant before I have many more!)

    Let's hope we both get a bfp soon. x
  • Hi, I had my 1st AF last week since coming off the pill, I was on pill for 10 years to. Mine was lighter this time and shorter but our bodies are still getting used to it I guess, so it might change the next time....if we dont get a bfp that is. I actually thought I might be pregnant last mthaswell but now I put it down to symptom spotting and pill side effects.
  • Hi all, i just thought i would say that i to have just finished the pill back on 21st September and 3 days later i had a 5 days of light brown not my normal for me. Since then i have had nothing but constantly feel like AF is about to arrive, i'm so moody very stressed, feeling very blotted and just not right in myself and my overies are really painful as well. So it sounds like it pretty normal to feel like this then just wish my body would get back to normal quicker, it's so not nice for everyone else to be around me at the moment.

    Wish you all luck ttc hope not to long to wait. xx

  • Gosh - I love this forum for many reasons - one being that you come to realise you are not the only one feeling like this! I came off the pill on 23rd August this year having been on it for 10 years. I had withdrawal bleed a few days later. I also felt very crampy a lot of the time in this cycle, moody, sore boobs on and off, varying cm etc. Then this morning I peed and there was red blood ... I danced about the bathroom (OH thinks I am mad at the best of times!!!) as this cycle was 43 days longs and I was getting fed up! But have not bled since but have dark brown cm so think it will be here proper later today / tomorrow. I never had really heavy af before ttc but more so than this. I think our bodies change over time and without the influence of the pill, we are bound to react differently! So CD1 for me today (if this really is AF) and I am SOOOO relieved! Month 2 ttc now and I am starting afresh. Also, I have been so obsessed with ttc this month but the last few days have really relaxed about it and feel so much better! x
  • I came off pill in April after 4 years I had normal period 3 weeks after lasting 5 days then a week ago spotting then 2 days ago period but been really light has anyone else experienced this. I now think its finished as had no more blood but still have stomach cramps and pms symptoms could I still come on properly 

  • My first natural (not withdrawal bleed) af after comin off the pill (started taking it when 14, didn't have a period when fell preg with my first as fell straight away then went back on it snd came off it again in march, am almost 27 now!!) was only a day n a half long, was very light and very very dark briwn. Thought it was breakthrough or implantation bleeding as like you was sure I was pregnant but got my bfp exactly one month after this strange period. GL X

  • Hi there, I too am having crazy light periods, around 3 days and then its done and there isn't a lot. I have had 2 'natural' periods now since stopping the pill on my honeymoon and both have been the same. The one good thing is the first cycle was 29 days and then the next was 26 days so at least I haven't had to wait a long time to ttc. I have a friend who hasn't had a period for over a year since stopping the pill so we should count ourselves lucky even if they are light. I am using the clear blue fertility monitor so i know i am ovulating. Last month, it helped me highlight that my luteal phase was only 9 days so not long enought to implant. Fingers crossed this month its longer, it looks like it will be as had a high fertility this morning and i am day 7 so looking to peak around day 11. hmmmmm. Good luck to everyone! I thought i'd really enjoy all of this ttc but its actually quite stressful! xx

  • I came off the pill at the beginning of June and had my first 'natural' period just over a month after. My period was extremely heavy, like it used to be 7 years ago before I started using the pill. my period seemed to only last 4 days, then I went two days without a period and then today I have noticed a browny colour discharge and blood again so looks like the period hasn't stopped! Anyone else experience this? Xoxox


  • Hi,


    The pill tricks your body into thinking it is already pregnant and your womb lining therefore does not keep building up each month to have a proper period. This is why typically when on the pill periods are lighter and can be shorter.


    it will probably take a while to get going again so don't worry image

  • Hi all I'm new to the site and I was wondering if any of you could help me well basically I took my last pill (microgen30) on the 9th of June had my normal withdrawal bleed 4 days after which lasted 5 days (17th) then I had 5 days of light spotting which was brown (sorry tmi) started 28th to the first then on the 22nd of July AF arrived properly and lasted 5 days by what I worked out I should of had AF Thursday just gone but was the spotting a period or just a show before I got period I'm so confused I'm actively TTC but its hard to pin point ovulation when your not even sure if you've had 1 or 2 periods this past week I've been feeling sick on and off I'm tired I've had heachaches constantly bloating constipation bad wind indigestion and constant cramps like AF will arrive but its stopped on Friday and came back Sunday I took a hpt it was negative but I don't know whether or not it was too early, can anyone help? image
  • Hi I am new to this forum i was just looking for a little advice / help , i stopped the pill (Noriday) 21 days ago and have just had some bleeding which seem to have lasted for about three days ,  when is the best time to ttc ?

  • Its hard to know exactly when you will ovulate until you are familiar with your cycles. I would suggest getting some ovulation sticks and for this cycle start testing with them everyday from when your period stops. Or you could get a thermometer (make sure its to 2 decimal places) and take your bbt. I started with the ov sticks originally but quickly started charting my temperature too as I found this more useful. Fertility friend is a good website to read about charting bbt. 

  • Hi, I have been on the pill levlen ed for about 9 months and I stopped taking the pill as I want to become a mum, I just started bleeding last night I noticed when my parter pulled out after having sex sorry for tmi. And this morning I am bleeding a browny pinky stuff slightly heavy but I am havering back pain and cramps in my lower abdominal I also have neck pain and a headache and not really hungry at all just wondering if this is IB or a withdrawal bleed from coming off the pill 

  • i went to see a doctor about irregular bleeding and he puts me on birth control for 3 months, i did only 2 months and stopped on the 13th of October and had a withdrawal bleeding on the 16th of October whilst i had had my period on the 2nd of October. Then i started bleeding the next 28 days after my withdrawal bleed which was on the 13th of November. Does this mean ive had my normal period? and with the number of months i took the pills affect my hormones that bad? im so confused, pls help cos my fiance and i are trying for a baby



  • Hi,

     I got off Birth control after 4 years on Jan. 31st.... I got a heavy period for 1 1/2 days starting on March 7th, than a day of brown spotting than gone. I have no symptoms of anything so I am not really feeling like I need to take a test. Does anyone know if they think I should? or if I could be preggo? (BTW, I had unprotected sex on Feb. 14th and 17th). 

  • OK so I am in the same boat as everyone else it seems and freaking out a bit. I had not planned to ttc until next year but we decided i would come off bcp now so my body can regulate. I stopped bcp on aug 1st. I had my withdrawal period Aug 5 for 5 days. I then didn't cycle for 5 weeks. I got my first "real" period on Sept 7th. my period was a medium to heavy and lasted 2 days and now nothing. I am worried being almost 30 that I may not be able to conceive. Is this normal to everyone? Should I be ttc sooner rather than  later or should I wait it out. Must say being a woman is very frustrating right now

  • I'm not sure if this post is still going... AF has finally arrived two months after coming off the pill and I agree, much lighter than my periods were on the pill. I was on it for 14 years though so my natural ones could have been like this anyway. Good luck all!

  • I had the depo on 23/12/15 I only had one shot then bled on 4/09/16 then had messed up bleeding then went on the pill 30/11/16 then bled 27/1216 then took another pack but only half then I bled a week later17/01/17 which was my withdrawal and it has been a month and 6 days since my bleed and I'm patiently waiting because I want to try for my first baby.

  • I came off the Yasmin pill 9 weeks ago, trying to convinc, I had my withdrawal bleed a few days later and then had my proper period on 06/03/2018, I’m just struggling to understand how can I get pregnant quickly, I’ve had pregnancy symptoms before but came back as negative, did another test this morning and still negative, is there any supplements I can take to increase my chances?.

  • I too was on a form of Yasmin, I came off the pill about 6 weeks ago, I am on CD 35 and seem to be showing no signs of AF turning up. I have had pretty much every pregnancy symptoms going, but tested and got a BFN. 

    So annoyed as wish I had been told sooner so I could have stopped pill earlier, so frustrating when you are TTC but have no idea when you are going to get first natural period let alone when you might be ovulating! 

    Would love to chat to people, even of just to support each other and share our stories to help pass the time!

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