just wondering if there is any other ladies here that are ttc that are overweight? Just wondering if its gonna be a big problem in ttc? I'm currently at slimming world and losing weight nicely so i know the weight is coming off but just basically wondered if gonna be a problem and if any other ladies are in the same boat as me?


  • I weigh more than I should. I'm not actively trying to lose weight, but am trying to eat healthier. (Not got a lot of will power sometimes! lol) I know over weight women can get pg, Lizzie Barnes from wife swap was over weight, and had about 10 kids didn't she?! Obviously it's better to be healthy. xx
  • Hi xsamix,
    I am a little overweight, i'm 5'11 and a size 16 but carry most of my weight arund my middle. I go to weight watchers but have put loads on since coming off pill, think this is down to PCOS. Lost pound and half last week and since being on Metformin my appitite has been non existant nearly so thats helping me. Been riding my horse loads aswell recently so hope this will all help. Think weight loss will help with my PCOS as well so gotta keep up with it. I hate dieting because i LOVE food so much.
  • Hi there,
    I'm def overweight and am on a healthy diet at moment. I really don't know if it has an effect or not but obs it's still better to be slimmer. I'm prob 3 and a half stone overweight and tryin for nearly a year now, but my friend is on baby no 5 and is 24 stone so it never affected her but everyone is different. I'm trying to lose it just incase we may need assistance as OH sperm count is low.
    It sounds like your doing fine and just don't give up hope, it will happen.
    Lulubell xx


  • hiya i am overweight, never used to be!! until i started to have kids, but i am 5ft6 and weigh 11st 9ibs i hate dieting i just try to avoid bad foods, did you watch britains biggest babies the other night some expectant mums on there weighed upto 28 stone, when i did go to my ideal weight which is just under 10 stones i loooked ill!!
  • aw thanks ladies, i feel better now about it image i'm 5'9 and size 18 and have lost over a stone in 7weeks image great diet and i'm never hungry so all good lol! I'm glad people are saying it shouldn't affect it really and i do see bigger ladies with babies so i know it can happen but like you've said everyone is different!
  • well done.
    i'm overweight and trying to lose weight. its really hard. i have pcos as well so that doesn't help. i'm trying my best but its coming off so slowly. thats really frustrating. i know its a big part of my ttc. i also worry about how much i'll actually put on when i eventually fall pregnant as well.
    i've done slimming world before and it worked. it just has a habit of creeping back on.
  • yea i found last time i stopped slimming world the weight came straight back on with a few more stone with it so thought i better go back as i know i lose and keep it off that way. I don't really mind about losing the weight and putting it on when having a baby as its for a good cause and i know i can lose it again image i feel much better now after what all you lovely ladies have said image thankyou x
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