Im going in the cupboard. Who's with me??

Im going into hiding from AF.
Who wants to join me in the cupboard.
Bring plenty of supplies LOL


  • I'll be with you in spirit - got to go for a job interview this afternoon!

    Might pick up a hpt while I'm out though...
  • I'll join you, I have chocolate and a copy of zita west!!! I'll make a sign for the door too!!! :lol:

    When are you due on? I'm this weekend I think. No poas til friday!!
  • Not until around 31st. Got ages to wait lol
  • Better bring an EXTRA large bar of chocolate then!!! And some crisps!! xxx
  • Better bring an EXTRA large bar of chocolate then!!! And some crisps!! xxx
  • I'm in!!! Af also due on 31st so we can be buddies for the whole 2ww!!!. I shall bring in some choc chip muffins and an armful of dvd's and magazines. That should keep us busy.
  • I was in Sugar puff's cupboard, but unfortunately the witch found her. Can I move to yours please?
  • Im in, Ill bring some homemade fairy cakes and loaf. Might get thirsty so Ill bring orange juice...mmmm then ill need to make trips to the loo and af might find me! How big is your cupboard? I hope we can all fit, is it ventilated?? Might get a bit stuffy when the weather warms up, after all I will be spending at least 2wks in there x x x x
  • I'm due today or tomorrow and I'm hiding!!! Not the normal cramps and I've come out in hives today! Has anyone heard of hives as a symptom? Please keep me hidden - I can do a bit of revision in here too!!

  • *Shrewpin knocks loudly*

    Can I come in please?? I'm 11 dpo and expecting af to arrive (or hopefully not) on Sunday. I usually get brown spotting about 4 days before af, so I might be in for a short visit. Not feeling positive at the moment so I could do with an injection of pma please. Goodluck to everyone in babymonkey's cupboard xxx
  • Can I come in too please? I'm due on Sunday (day28) or Monday, how annoying I can't work it out as I came off the pill after quite a while!

    On a 28day cycle (normal when I'm not on the pill but never had to count so closely) do you get af on day 28 or the day after 28??? advice please!

    But I have no symptoms so who knows, had a false alarm before so not thinking about it!

    Either way, I'll bring some pizza and irn-bru??

  • You watch, we will bring in all these lovely treats, find out we are pregnant and we will think they are the most revolting thing ever but what the hell hey as we will be pregnant.
    Good luck everyone who has come into the cupboard.
  • lol babymonkey about the food being revolting cos we are pg - I hope so!
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