longer cycle again!!! ggrrrr

well since xmas 2008 my cycles have been ALL over the place from 45 day ones to as short as 15 last november!!!!! a 29 day one and all the rest inbetween 30 and 45,i used to be regular at 30/31 days and i thought i was getting back to normal as my last 3 have been between 30 and 33 days......but NOPE cd37 today and apart from a cold i have no sign of AF coming

Really starting to get pee'd off with it all now :x

sorry this is clearly just a moan from me here lol :lol:


  • grrr how annoying! hope it gets better for you! i would so of tested for PG already lol, xxxx
  • lol i have will power tho :lol:

    nah lol been ttc not far off 2 years so it kind of wears off testing early lol
  • Never mind the expense! If it helps (which it probably wont) my cycles seem to be getting longer as well without warning. Normally 25, last month 30, this month on CD26 already and no af yet (but can feel her brewing, lol!)

    Never realised how lucky I was to be so regular, just wish I knew why they had altered so suddenly!
  • Never mind lol sure a the sun is shining i write a post about her not coming and she just turned up gggggrrrrrrrr

    gonna write a post more often when shes late,then she shows lol

    onto month something or other lol

    garfield i hope thats not her brewing,get hiding so she cant find you :lol:

    i wish i knew why she cant make her mind up also,i think they key is not to mention those 3 letters (TTC) as soon as she hears your doing that she starts playing funny buggers lol
  • I feel your pain grudie! I think I'm gonna have a long cycle again this month as I'm on CD22 and still no temp rise! Fingers crossed though cos I had a really strong line on an ebay cheapie OPK yesterday, so I'm hoping I'll get my temp rise tomorrow!
    It's really painful to BD at the mo as I've injured my shoulder and I have carpet burns all down my a*se and back from falling down the stairs :lol:
    but in the interests of getting a November baby I'm struggling on! xx
  • oh no Mrs R poor you,how did you hurt it? doing extra curricular activities *wink* *wink* on the stair and it went horribly wrong or not that exciting? :lol:

    hopefully youll get a temp rise soon and your shoulder wont hurt too much,taking one for the cause i admire you image
  • Same here Grudie, she just caught me :\( typical...

    Carpet burns?! Oh no they hurt so much!! Ahem, not that I'd know... image
    Can't believe you're still in so much pain Mrs R, you did that a while ago didn't you? Or maybe it just feels like a long time ago... :roll:

    Well, at least you can still get your BFP this month! Fingers crossed you get that temp rise x
  • Garfield, it was only on Monday morning but it feels like bloody ages cos I've been unable to sleep properly since then and I've been stuck in the house all day every day :\(

    I assure you grudie there was no funny business going on! I just have exceptionally narrow, steep stairs and at 6am I obviously wasn't awake enough to take care as I bounded down them to let my little pooch upstairs for a cuddle! :lol:

    Sending lots of baby dust from my sick bed! :lol:
  • garfield thats pish!!!!!!

    we can be cycle buddies..ish if you want lol we'l just have no idea of when we'l be due AF :lol:
  • I'll stick with you through your cycle Grudie but I'm afraid...oh wait...I was gonna say hubby is away when I ov this month but with my cycles all over the place I have no idea tbh!! Maybe I am in with a chance after all! image Yey, cycle-ish buddies!!! :lol:

    Mrs R, blame the pooch!! What do you have? (Love dogs!) Thinking of getting a puppy if I don't get my BFP soon... Can't believe it was only monday! Its been a looong week! Hope you haven't done anything serious to your shoulder - I'm paranoid about them now after hubby dislocated his clavicle last November, then snapped his tendons a month ago...same shoulder!! Stupid him playing rugby....
  • Garfield - My pooch is a bit of a mix, I reckon a bit of border terrier, a bit of jack russell and maybe a bit of patterdale terrier in there somewhere! We got him from the shelter when he was about 2 1/2. His elderly owner had to go into care, bless.
    He's brilliant, good as gold, rarely barks, has never chewed or soiled in the house and he LOVES to cuddle up on my knee like a baby :lol:

    Your poor hubby must have been in a lot of pain after that! image I've been to the doctors and mine isn't broken or dislocated, so they've given me some strong painkillers to try to relax the muscles and if that doesn't work they'll give me something even stronger - but I'm reluctant to take diazepam when ttc! image

  • oh mrs R ouch shame it wasnt doing anything more fun tho :lol: i remeber falling down mine a good few years ago now trying to find my then kitten and was VERY drunk didnt fee the effect until the morning lol

    garfield i have a border collie called beanine but ive been looking into getting a pug,ive always wanted 1 and hubby said yes......im swaying into getting 1 or not hhmmmmmmmmmm but have looked and want one even more lol i also have 2 cats!!!!!!!

    where is your hubby going,,,,and when your due to ov gowd sake lol typical but yes you never know go with it thinking you'l miss it that way she'l not know lol
  • He wasn't too bad actually which was surprising. He yelled when he snapped his tendons and couldn't move for an hour, then the pain just went! His clavicle still sticks up and he'd need surgery to correct it but it isnt doing any harm so he's not bothering. Apparently his ligaments that he tore in November are healed, but his tendons wont ever heal without surgery, but he doesn't actually need them!! image so why have them then?!

    Your pooch soundslike a right old mixture! Bet he's cute though and love the thought of him cuddling up on your knee! I love border collies but HATE pugs - sorry Grudie, they're just...weird! Sorry! Get an alsation - beautiful dogs! :\)

    He's going to the Czech Republic on a school trip (as you do!) and I've just looked at dates and even if my cycle was 30 days he would still be away when I ov so this month is definately out :cry:
  • oh no pugs there so cute lol my sister breads british bulldogs but i cant afford one at 2k a puppy,not really wanting a puppy tho!!!

    ahh total shame your out this month chick x
  • Hi girls,

    I am now on 60 dpo and very frustrated been to the docs and they will not do anything till i have not had an AF for 6 months! i'm getting occasional stabbing pains in my tummy and was really worried so i went the other day and she said its nothing unusual for someone who came off the pill to try and conceive, thing is i've been off it now since last october and had 2 regular cycles since and now nothing. done 15 hpt's and all bfn's. it is so tiring and annoying. i just dont know where im at right now. I can totally sympathise withe you, and i just hope something happens soon as im really fed up and starting to feel a bit depressed about the whole thing.

  • That's rediculous!! can't believe they're making you wait that long when you've already had a few afs!! Can't you see another doc for a second opinion? I'd be fuming! feel really bad for moaning now.

    Or you could lie and tell them you're having bad pains and they might hurry things up for you? Blimey hon I think I'd have gone crazy by now so good on you for not crumbling. xxx
  • Thanks hun, i try to put on a brave face but its so, hard, if it gets really bad i'm definately gonna go back, and if they wont see me or give me test i will fib a bit and go to the emergency room doubled over in pain and they will do something.

    There are so many lasses in my office having babies as well, and they're starting to get their little bumps and stuff and its breaking my heart when i see them coz i want a baby so much, we've been trying since i came off the pill so thats 4 months now and nothing image

    you were'nt moaning hun, its nice to have someone to speak to and to share stuff with, hope you have a bit more luck than me lol xx
  • I guess I'm lucky as I came off the pill years ago - was on one type (cant remember name...think it was cileste actually) and for some reason doc decided to change me to something else and I went soooo moody and was dreadful. She refused to change me back despite there having been nothing wrong with me on the cileste so I stopped taking it. So my afs have been normal for a long time.

    Plus I already have a lo so know my BFP will happen eventually. I've just worked out that when I ov in April my hubby will be on his easter hols (he's a teacher, not a student, lol!) so we can BD as much as we like...around lo anyway! So feel a bit more positive.

    It took us 6 months with first one, Lilibet so keep that PMA alive and both your af and your BFP will come eventually...though not together obviously! we thought dh was infertile at first (he's had testicular cancer) and I have trouble both with conception and keeping a bean due to an auto-immune disease, so I know how heart breaking it can be to see other people getting their BFPs and bumps whilst you're still waiting on test results and stuff. We were shocked it took only 6 months first time round! PMA and baby dust to everybody xxxx
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