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Anyone else spending New Years Eve All Alone ? :cry:

Well looks like i'm all alone this new years. My hubby is at work in London on a night shift, he started at 7pm (so left at 5pm) and has already arrested 3 people !!!!! image

I was supposed to be having my sister in law and a mate come over to join me in getting merry for the new year but neither of them have turned up and I cant get hold of them either !

The TV is cr*p tonight too !!

Poo, i'm feeling so miserable now ! :\(


  • Hi Mrs weir, im alone(ish) too. Babysitting my sisters lo's so she can have a very rare nite out but they are in bed. hubby was supposed to be staying in with me, but his mate called round and he turned on his puppy eyes so I told him to go! TV is poo, Im watching Shrek on dvd at the mo. Feel sorry for your hubby, i hate people when they are drunk!!

    Anyway, have a good one, and have a good p**s up for me, cos I wont be drinking much either incase the baby wakes up! Im too bloody soft for my own good! (Actually, Im not as good as Im making out, at the begining my 2ww at mo, so this is a good way to avoid drinking, just in case!)

  • Thats very kind of you powderpuff to not only babysit but also to let hubby go out and leave you alone ! Hmmmm, I do love the Shrek film, I may just have to put it on myself ! Always good for a laugh !

    My hubby has worked every new year we're been together (so this is the third), just once I want a midnight kiss !! Even my three cats are out partying away tonight (or whatever cats do when they're out on the prowl !). Ok, need to go hunt out Shrek !!
  • Hi both, depends what you call alone ??
    My dear OH is in the house but unfortunately has taken a liking to my oldest sons new game and I have only had 4 words off him since yesterday - he didn't even come to bed until 4am !!
    Guessing at 11.45 the power to the PC will 'accidently' go off so am sort of guarenteed a midnight kiss.
    Sending virtual hugs to you both xxxx
  • I'm with you Andrea, after the wine i'm drinking i think i'll be lucky to be awake at midnight too !!!
  • Poor us! And im not THAT kind cos like i said ive got an ulterior motive as family dont know im ttc yet, so this was a good way of avoiding the booze n stuff whilst on my 2ww! :lol:

    camlo, know exactly where u comin from, as my hubs is usually on pc till all hours playing the bloody Godfather game! whats the attraction?! Thats why i got a laptop for xmas, cos I never got a look in wen he was here!:lol:

    Really feel for all those working tonight. They seem to get forgotten dont they? Heres to them! (chinks glass of wine spritzer against screen) x
  • hey! glad im not the only one alone on new years eve! hubby at work till 4 am arresting the good old drunks! first year on my own! both kids in bed asleep and i cant drink as am pregnant with number 3! god i feel sorry for myself! lol!
  • Aww bless ya! :lol: If its any consolation, I feel for ya too! but at least you have got a bloody good reason for not drinking, Im just hoping for one!! :lol: Have a fab new year!! x
  • hey!!

    not alone but not out!! me and oh are sat on sofa watching telly. made myself a cheeky vodka and diet coke and nibbling the kettle chips. xx
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