Does Anyone Want...

6 ebay pregnancy tests?

dunno if anyone knows my story but basically after complications from a mc i was POAS quite a lot and have been through about 30 tests since xmas!! anyway, i have now been discharged from the hospital so no need to POAS anymore woo! i only bought these tests last week and i don't want any money for them, if they'll be some use to somebody let me know? don't email me any address details at the moment though cuz my email isn't working, i'll get it changed right now...


  • hey there i wud b so grateful if i cud hav them?? i dnt mind paying u and will only take half of them incase any1 else wants some??? thats very kind of u xx
  • Hi hun, sorry must have missed your thread? whats crack then am just being nosey x
  • hey SD i had a mc on 3rd Jan but was still getting BFP's weeks later so i was having scans/bloods every 48 hours, the nurses/doctors were confused and thought it was ectopic but it turned out i had abnormal "pregnancy cells" which were from the original pregnancy but they were growing which is why i was getting BFP's, luckily my body passed whatever was there 2 weeks ago so i technically had 2 mc's in 4 weeks even though only 1 was actually a baby and i finally got a BFN this morning so have been discharged from the hospital!

    truthfully i don't wanna TTC again but maybe once all the shock has gone we may think about another!

    my email button should be working now, do u 2 wanna share them? x
  • Hi hun, Sally881 can have them all if she wants them, I too have had a rough couple of months but nothing compared to what you have been through.

    So sorry to hear of your news hun and hope you are back with us soon. Take care xx
  • i dont mind sharing with u chick?? it extreamley kind of mrsjbourne isnt it, everything shes been thru and still trying to help others, image
  • there's no point in them sitting in a drawer when they could be some use to someone, i know how expensive this POASing can get...i'll try and put a bit of good luck in the envelope too cuz a bird sh!t on my head today (but that's another story) :lol: x
  • lol, o dear!!! i will email u now, thanks again u r very kind xx
  • Of course hun its extremely kind, I didnt mean no offence I just was being a g/c and couldnt remember MrsJbournes background thats all.

    No interest in the tests but your more than welcome to them as am only going to use CB this month because I had a very confusing, upsetting couple of months using other tests have promised myself am going to wait and use FR or CB tests only.

    Sorry hun and Mrsjbourne anytime you want to talk you know where we are hun, thinking of you and hope you feel better soon xx
  • hope things get better for you sparkling diamond and im sorry u hav had a difficult time also, sending u baby dust xxx
  • MrsJ Sound's like you have had a really rough time, Just wanted so offer ((((((((((HUGS))))))))

    Wish you all the best hun for a sticky BFP xxxx
  • Hi MrsJbourne a bird shit on me once years ago when I was waiting for the bus before I could drive, it went in my hair on my jacket everywhere needless to say I was not amused LOL.

    Its meant to be good luck tho so I would mind if a whole stack of birds shit on me at the moment ha ha!!

    That made me laugh he he xx
  • it's ok i wasn't offended at be honest it's really horrible to say but i'm happy it's all over, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders today and it feels good! i get married in just over 2 weeks so now i can finally put all this behind me and start getting excited!

    i'll get the tests in the post for you tomorrow x
  • Oh wow good luck for your wedding day, savour every moment you will look fab and please come back and post some piccs!! wahey am excited for you. We got married 9 months ago xx
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