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Hiya eveyone - just wondering who is ttc their second/ third child? and how long did they wait in between children.
my daughter is two and a half and still does not sleep through the night. She is a very light sleeper and always cries out for me in the night or for a drink etc anything to get attention. She is a perfect welol behaved child in every other respect but as she was up every hour or half hour throughout the night last night i have thought of stopping ttc until her sleep patterns settle down and now i am really upset that i should maybe wait another year or so. feel very sad....!


  • hi hun
    it took me 6 months to fall with my 2nd(currently 15w5d).
    I dont think there is a great age gap to have, all have their + and - points. there will be 5 years between my 2 but some are brave enough to have short gaps such as only a few months.
    Bear in mind also that it may take a while to get pg and then you have 9 months to see if your LO sleeps any better. If not then at least you'll have 2 together to get up for and get it all out of the way together. good luck with whatever you decide.
    Filo x
  • oh em does she still nap in the day? are you strict with her and let her cry it out?
    we are ttc no.2, daughter is 2yrs 5months and we have been trying for 8months. luckily she has always slept through but goes through phases where she will get up at 3am for no reason for about a week. xx
  • Thank you filo - your are right about the time of prenancy etc Just dont want to be woken up through night when pregnant!
    congratulations by the way on your pregnancy! hope everything goes really well for you xxx
  • I'm trying ttc our 2nd baby at the moment.Our little boy is 2years old and we have been very lucky in that he sleeps through the night. It may be a good idea to wait until your lo is sleeping through but then again you don't know how long it will take you to conceive. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.x
  • hi. im also ttc no2. chloe is 18months. she sleeps through 5 out of 7 night roughly. dont know how it worked but my mum said i never slept a full night till my sister was born and they put her in beside
  • i ttc my 3rd child my 1st sleeps though shes nearly 4 she slept from 1 1/2 i also have a 2 year old she sleeps though but only when i put her in with the older one hope that helps so if you want to have another one then ask your oh to help out with the night when you are really tired emma xxx
  • Thanks for the advice everyone! I ignore throughout the evening if she wakes until she cries herself to sleep, if she does it in the night i do not speak to her, just take her back to bed and leave the room. I will keep up the routine and hopefully she will improve again. OH still wants to keep ttc as he thinks it will get sorted. x
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