little help please..

Hiya everyone this is my first post on ttc.a little bit about me I had my gorg baby girl in dec last year after nearly 2years ttc we r wasting no time this time and have started to ttc already.
I only found this brill sight while I was preg so all this ttc stuff is new to me.last time when ttc I did not count dates ect we just took each month as it came but don't think I can b as relaxed this time.
So have couple of Q ur u lovely ladies if u can help me out!I have had to peroids since dd was born and both wear 41day in when would I b ovulating in that time my last period was 26march!
Sorry if I have went on thanks for any help I am totally pluzzled by it all!
Heidi x


  • Hi Heidi
    Welcome to the ttc messageboard.
    Ovulation tends to happen 14 days before your period so if you keep having 41 day cycles then you are likely to be ovulating on or around cycle day 27- thats 27 days counting the first day of your period as CD1.
    If your periods are only starting to return following DD then your cycles may get shorter and you would then ovulate earlier in your cycle. What was your cycle like before falling pregnant before, was it 41 days then too?
    I had irregular cycles too after coming off pill (35-42 days) and wasted a few months BDing like mad far too early in my cycle and easing off when I now know I was likely to be ovulating. I found when I didn't try to predict when I was ovulating and just had sex every other day from CD 12 until my period arrived, i fell pg straightaway.
    Good luck.
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