knock, knock, can i join you?


after months in the planning stages of this forum im leaving the lovely ladies over there and joining you all in trying.... hooray!!

we have been married for almost 2 years and had kind of planned to start trying for our first baby on our holiday at the end of july, but recently as almost every conversation has started with 'when we have a baby' im here earlier than i expected to be.. and it feels good..hopeful.. and very exciting

im 36 years old realise it may take a little while , although of course i secretly hope it will happen really quickly!! im so ready to be a mummy and look forward to speaking to you soon and finding out how we all get on.

wf xx


  • Welcome to the crazy world of ttc woodfairy x
  • Hi and warm welcome to you woodfairy,
    Hope you get your BFP soon.

    Everyone is a nice bunch on here :\)

  • Hi woodfairy,
    This is our first month ttc too, it's so exciting!! Lets hope the BFP's come soon!

    Mrs G x
  • welcome woodfairy! Hope you have a short stay here and graduate to due in soon! xx
  • Welcome Woodfairy!

    I'm 36 too so know how you feel - may your stay be short!

  • hi

    thanks you so much ladies, may all our stays in trying be short and in the 'due in.. forums in no time...

    we are taking a relaxed approach to trying to begin with although i have brought afew books to get myself prepared for all eventualities!!, also have started taking folic acid and trying to eat abit more healthily, so fruit and veg aisle here i come!!

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