Hi everyone.

Im hoping to start trying for a baby in June, i know its a while off but im excited already!! Have got my wedding on the 1st of May but am getting my coil removed next month so i can go back on the pill or condoms ready for when we start to ttc. I already have a dd who is 3 this month and she will be 4 by the time the baby is born image


  • Welcome!!

    You have so many exciting things this year to think of.

  • Thanks for the welcome image i know. its driving me mad though because i want to be trying now!!! We have our daughter to think of though and have always wanted her birthday and the next ones quite far apart so we can treat the both, especially as hers is just weeks after christmas. Hence the june ttc, but i will be trying with avengance when june comes image How long have you been ttc?
  • Only the one month. Ive actually been complaining alot on here recently as we tried and im now 10 days late but with lots of BFNs!!

    Are you organised for the wedding? Have you done all the big stuff?
  • Hmmm, i did write a reply but it got lost!!Grrr

    We're only in our first month, actually ive been complaining loads on here as we tried and now im 10 days late but with lots of BFNs!!!

    Wow, thats an expensive time of year for you!!! I always think the end of Jan would be a good time so then you can get sale stuff, but it has time to arrive!!...very cheeky!!

    Its so hard when you just know inside you that you want a baby. its crazy.

    You can be very occupied with the wedding and all that last minute stuff. Are you pretty organised for it?
  • ok it didnt get lost and im just in a very frustrated mood!!

    dont mind me....!!
  • Hay hun, Good Luck TTC and hope you dont have to wait long

    If you can avoid the pill it would be best for ttc in April as the pill can do some messed up thing to your body - after coming off the pill i waited 92 days for AF and i was only on the pill 1 month

    Gems x


  • Hi image I was going to go back on the pill i fell pregnant with our daughter on, Cilest, because i need to regulate my AF before the wedding, after that its a free for all with the sperm lol. Good luck to everyone TTC image
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