Just been to fertility clinic

Hi Im new on here. We've been ttc for 16 months now. My cycles were all over the place - between 25 and 50 days and we had no luck after a year, so we went to the docs and they suspected I wasnt ovulating. Blood tests showed I had high prolactin levels which can suppress ovulation..............image
So I got referred to the consultant who decided to try and bring dow my prolactin............Ive just been to the fertility clinic today because my levels are down............so I might be ovulating!!!!
Now Im really excited and starting to convince my self this month will be BFP, doin the whole over analysing my 'symptoms'!!!

Has anyone else got any simillar problems??

Hope you all get your BFPs this month!!! I certainly am - this is now our 1st month of trying - AGAIN!! Arrrrgggh Its sooooo hard.

I even blurted it out to the lady I work with today - she's really understanding - but now she knows we were ttc concieve when she interviwed me for the job back in November!! Good job she used to be a nurse and I work for the NHS!! Crikey why do we do these things!!!imageops:


  • hi popsicle - i didn;t want to read and run but wanted to wish you lots of babydust and hope you get your BFP this month. Lots of pma to you xxx
  • I haven't been there i'm afraid but didn't want to r & r. I am glad things are settling down - I hope this is your month! Lots of babydust to you xx
  • Thanks guys. I was due af today - she hasnt arrived as yet but I feel the familliar cramps - so only a matter of time image I wish my hormones would settle down and do what theyre supposed to!
    This site is getting really addictive - I find myself getting really excited when somebody gets a BFP - it's great!!
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