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How many pets has everyone got and is there going to be any major changes when you have a baby???

I have 2 rabbits - one is in the room that will become the baby room and I dont know what to do. Hubbie wants to get rid of rabbit but I dont as its mine from before we moved in. I just dont have room elsewhere in flat to put her


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  • I have 2 cats and there will be a few changes, but they are my babies and they won't be going anywhere. At the moment they are both allowed in our room and allowed to sleep on the bed, but when baby comes, they won't be allowed to do that as it isn't safe. I will also be keeping a close eye on them whenever they are around the baby. I love the 2 of them to bits though and wouldn't even think of getting rid of them.

    I don't think I'd keep the rabbits in baby's room though because it isn't safe. Can you not keep them in your room or even build some sort of run outside for them? Sorry, not much help, but if there really is nowhere to put them, you might need to rehome them. Cats are different as they don't need to be confined to a cage or anything and don't need cleaned out. Good luck xx
  • I am in a flat so outside isnt an option

    My oldest one is in the lounge and this one in the spare room. Hubbie draws the line at our bedroom. I dont want to get rid of them like you said about your cats they are my babies.

    If I was going to rehome them it would only be the younger one but that is a very very last resort

    Ahhhhhh complications!
  • Can't they share a hutch or anything or even fit both hutches in the lounge? I'd hate to have to rehome my pets but sometimes it's the only course of action. Maybe a relative would take him/her?
  • its a boy and girl although the girl has been for her op the male hasnt and is never off her - hey maybe I should take hints from him!!!!

    rehoming to a relative might have to be until we get a house but stuck where we are coz of credit crunch

  • Can you not get the male done aswell? I'm sure some animal charities will do a subsidised neutering (the charity I work with for cats does one) if you can't afford to pay it all. Know how you feel, I'd love to be able to move to a bigger house. I'm in a one bedroom house and if I fall pregnant just now, we'd need to stay here for about a year or 2 until we can afford somewhere bigger.
  • the male is 9 years old (rabbits life expectancy is 6-8 years) so dont want to put him thru it

    Its ok will have to think about it when I fall pregnant
  • Ah right, not really clued up about rabbits. Hopefully something will turn up. Good luck xx
  • I have two house rabbits and as fars as I am aware there is no real baby related issues! Just move both hutches to the same room. OUrs have just moved in with each other!!
  • I have a cat, a dog, a rabbit (outdoor), a rat & 16 chickens, The only thing i will do is put a cat net over the cot to stop the cat sleeping on the baby! The dog is great with kids, the cat is very shy so probably will avoid the bby, rabbit is used to kids, rat won't notice & chicken won't cre as long as they get fed. We are lucky as nieces & nephews have spent alot of time with our pets.
  • We have two house rabbits who currently live in the room that will become the babys nursery. We won't be moving them outside and apart from the possibility of the baby developing allergy's to their fur they definitely pose no risk. Rabbits aren't dirty animals and if cleaned out regularly will be fine with a baby. Good luck, like you I could never get rid of my two x
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