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Anyone bother to chart their temps?

hi my name is big bear i have just been reading that u r trying 2 concieve i all so try ovulation kits i used them for a few months and was then able 2 tell when my ovultion was approaching how long have u been trying sweetie


  • Just a quick question- does anyone take their temperature first thing in the morning and use this to aid with ttc? I have been doing it this month but have not managed to get a 0.4F rise which is apparently what you should expect to get after ovulation. However, I am sure I have ovulated (also been watching cm) but have had no temp rise. I have also read that if your temps don't rise then you are not releasing an egg. Anyone know anything about this or been charting their temps?
    I am not using ovulation sticks as they only tell me after I have ovulated. :\?
  • lilypingu r u still there just wondererd if u want a chat it took me 3 years 2 get pregant and tryed lots of things so i know how it can take over
  • Hi bigbear, my names gemma and i ve been ttc for 2 years, recently had m/c so feel like im losing the plot at the mo, do you have any tips for me? Take care all, Gems x
  • hi gem i am sorry 2 hear about your loss i had a eptopic last year and u fill like everything has come down on top of u no one can take away the pain of having a miscarrage only time can heal u have 2 try 2 focus on something do u work or have any hobbies sweetie x
  • hi gem u will have 2 be patient with me i am no good at typing only started using a computer 2 night so if i take a long time 2 replie u know why
  • yeah, im working, it was january and i thought id gotten ova it all, i ve got pcos which why it took me so long i think and only caught by using clomid, Im ttc again now and im waiting for my af which is due on the 4th april, i tested positive for ovulation on 16th but i dont feel pg if you know wat i mean, i keep myself busy, im an avid cleaner, cant leave my housework alone, some of the other girls i speak to on here wish i lived closer to them, lol, but im an obsessive person and babies and conceiving is all im interested in, im in uni too, have two jobs and i still make time to obsess, mad aint it, do you have children? Did you catch without too much trouble if you have? Gems x
  • like i said gem it took me 3 years 2 get pregant but it really does boil down 2 taking your mind off it because twice i was told by my doctor not 2 have intercourse because i was having smear treatment and some injections but i did and both times i fell and that was because my mind was off it x
  • i know what u mean with the obbsive cleaning because i was the same its hard to switch off when u r ttc cleaning is the only way off dealing with it because it is the one thing u can control of i have a 10 yr old son and i am 33 weeks at the mo sorry babe hope i have up set u by saying i am pregant can u tell when u ovulte x
  • i really cant tho, its constantly at the back of my mind, even tho im sure im not pg this month im still thinking maybe, at first i was okay with it all, but after i found out that the reason we couldn was down to me, it sent me over the edge a bit and everything i do is in case it happens one day. I ve been exercising like mad, eating healthily taking my tablets properly lying down after sex with my hips lifted, checking for ov, i ve done everything thats been asked of me and i still cant give my partner wat he wants more than anything in the world, i ve tried relaxing but im one of these people who always has things in their head, have had since i was little, i analyse everything (im training in psychotherapy-im fasinated wid human brain). I even bought a cd with all the birds and whales and everythin on, nothing seems to switch me off, i dream it i live it, im a nightmare. my oh must hate me honestly!!! Sorry to go on, Gems x
  • gem u need 2 be having intercourse at least 2 days before u ovulate so there is sperm already there when the egg is released .
  • my partner an i have a very active sex life before and now during ttc sorry if tmi, but we rarely go 2 days without having sex, we re both highly strung (to put it into words) anyway, im sorry to have gone on at you, thank you very much for listening to me, i assure you im not mad, just feeling a failure, sorry again, Gems x
  • dont be silly sweetie it does take over your life people take for granted how easy they can get pregnant and dont realise how hard it is for peolpe who cant how old r u if u dont mind me asking do u have alot of surrport aronud u x
  • im 22, yeah and no, my family and oh's family all care for me but think i should be over it now and as neither my mum or mother in law had problems conceiving they dont really understand why im being this crazed possessed person. My oh is my rock but i dont like to go at him as hes got his own issues with it all to deal with, my friends do care but dont really get it as not ttc themselves or have caught straight away, x
  • gem please dont keep saying sorry i am sorry for how long it takes me 2 type one finger and that dont laugh . dont mean 2 be rude but sometimes 2 much intercourse can make sperm very weak that was what we was told x it is very hard 2 pin point when it is best 2 do it as u only have barely 2 days 2 concieve thats why i askedsdo u know when u ovulate x
  • do u and your partner live together would it be poss 4 u 2 get away 2 try and relax stress can be a big factor in this sweetie x
  • yeah we were told that too, and we did try to have sex every ohter day but it became a chore so now we just make love wen we feel like it normally once a day sometimes after two days but very rarely over two. I ve never been able to before but since i ve been on clomid i ve had 28 day cycles which is nice im used to having 6 month ones -i feel like a dog, they have them every 6 months too!! i was ovulating on the 16th of this month which was day 14 of my cycle, had my day 21 blood tests done on friday just gone but not sure wen il get results as my doctor is on holiday, You dont appear to be typing slowly at all, thank you so much for listening x
  • gem r u still there.
  • yeah we live together, i have suggested we go away but he's not really up for it, plus we ve got the dog and its a hassle having to put her in kennels and we re saving for wedding (not til 09 but have chosen very expensive venue and have very large family). It probably is all stress related, got no hope have i, x
  • yes clomid is good for sorting out your periods was u ovulating when your periods were every six months x
  • u have got alot going on for a young couple . i know bloody animals what a tie i have a dog and cat it is hard to get away if u dont have anyone that can take care of them 4 u .u go girl have a big lovely wedding i am coming up 2 my 3rd year of marrige it was the best day of my life .
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