advice with prre-seed and OV......

Hello ladies, im due to OV around the 25th june onwards, would anyone recommend using pre-seed whilst BD'ing? I have low CM and heard pre-seed works! Any advice?



  • Hi babe

    I hardly get any CM so i bought some and used it for the first time this month. I OV last friday so about 5 days ago now and I would say buy some. It was sooo much easire as BD can become harder when you don;t have much cm.

    I have idea if it worked but i have read a lot of good feed back from it on line.

    Good Luck

    K xx

  • Yes Pre-seed is the way to go, my RE also recommended it too.. Goodluck
  • I tried Pre Seed and the CBFM for the first time in the same month and i got pregnant. (had been trying for 18months previous to that) So something worked.

    Worth a try.

    Good luck xxx

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  • You know what this post is over on the preg forum and there is two other women who said the first time they used it they feel preg. i can't help getting my hopes up i am 5dpo and this was our first month using pre seed image

    k XX
  • Well fingers crossed K-lou.

  • just ordered some and ov sticks from ebay! Hooray! Its good doing something pro-active!
  • Oh well done, I actually liked using it, it was not that messy for us and I am just hoping it will help.

    It's so hard to not get your hopes up when you read so many women used it and the first time they feel pregimage i read more reviews on line and it seems to work for mostimage

    k XX
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