I'm just wondering if anybody else is ttc even although their finances aren't as good as they could be? We're ttc no2 and make a decent amount of money between us but it all goes on bills/debts and we're not left with much each month. Regardless of this we've decided that we'd try for another baby anyway and we'll sort something if/when the time comes. Do you think this is reckless or is anybody else in the same boat? I would love to hear your stories ladies.



  • i have looked into this and when you already have one then it shouldnt touch your finances much as if you are strong and dont buy any extra things that you already have it shouldnt be such a problem! i am a child minder and i have lots of things from my dd and things so i can do my job so i dont think id have many extra outgoings!!!
  • I'm in the same boat MummyB2B - my hubbys wage doesnt even cover our outgoing at the minute because we've been naughty and spent too much the last couple of months (just bought an xbox, the new patio is going down this weekend and decorating the living room next week, oops!!)! But he's getting a pay rise in September, plus the payments on our new bathroom are finishing soon so we know we will be able to claw our way back out of our credit card debt once that happens. We are determined to have baby #2!! If we waited until we were financially sound in a year or so then we wouldn't have the gap we wanted between our los, and there is no knowing what is around the corner financially anyway: we'd put it off forever!

    We already have cot/buggy/clothes that we can use for second baby, and all we will need is a few extra clothes if its a girl (have a son already) and food/nappies. The extra child benefit will pay for nappies & formula (if needed) for first 6 months, by which time we will be (in theory) ok with money to pay for food etc.
  • Thanks ladies, it's always good to get other people's perspective on things :\) I can't see us being any worse off tbh, dd1 should also theoretically be out of nappies by then so wouldn't have 2 lots to buy, plus we've kept a hold of all Abi's stuff too. I know we'll manage, I always find ways of juggling our finances, it's my skill :lol: The only thing that worries me is the cost of childcare for 2 lo's if Abi's not in nursery by then, I could cut down hrs at work but this would reduce our income but I suppose we'll deal with that when necessary.
  • I think if people waited until they could afford them the world would be a babiless place! You only spend what you've got and I'm sure you can make it work!
  • I agree - it's never a good time for a baby! I'm a SAHM and it would make things much easier if i went back to work but for alot of reasons it's best I stay home with dd. We don't have much extra but you get by for the sake of your child..

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