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Don't know what I'm feeling!

All of a fuzzle now, was feeling really good this week, loads a PMA, then today did another test (really stupid I know) and it was BFN. Haven't told DH cos I don't want to upset hi just in case. I'm 12dpo and have had really sore bbs, tummy cramps and sore lower back for the past week, been getting hot flushes and the occasional dizzy spell. I really thought we'd done it this month, and now I'm not so sure.

Sorry for the rant, I'm sure everyone gets like this too!

image xxx


  • Hi hun, maybe you just have a shy bean in there, so maybe test in a couple of days to see.
    Got my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Hey Hun,

    I am the same. Tested yesterday with a BFN but i have no idea when or even IF i OV'ed this month. Got aching hips, back pain/ache, pulling pains just above lady bits,aching legs and nausea. I might test in Jan if AF doesnt arrive and if i get another BFN i will accept the truth!!!!

    I am going to leave it another week and then i will be 14 days past my last high on my CBFM!!!!

    Good Luck hun xxxx
  • Hi hun, remember it aint over till af arrives big hugs and hope you get your BFP xx
  • hun, you still only 12dpo your bfp could still come. fingers crossed for
  • It's still early days hun, hopefully it's a shy bean! ((hugs)) xx
  • Thank you for your msg's and hugs, sorry for all the self pitying, nature of TTC me thinks! Promise no more grumps, now will ooze PMA! lol!

    Looking forward to the new year now and all our 2010 bfp's! Love you all girlies and sending babydust and stickyglue! xxx
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