Maternity leave question - contract?

Morning all,

Me and my man are TTC and I have been offered a new job - which is great and I really want it! Thing is, like many companies at the mo, it's a fixed term contract for 12 months. I have read up on what the legal entitlments are, but I wanted to know if anyone had any first hand experience?

Now that me and my man have made the decision to TTC, we don't want to stop for even a short while and have decided that we just keep doing what we are doing, and everything will just work out. I am a natural worrier though, so can't help thinking what if, what if. what if!!

Good luck to everyone on here....I love seeing the BFP's come through.

Rucky x


  • Hiya,

    I haven't got first hand experience as yet because even though I am on a fixed term contract I am only just about to start TTC!

    However, my understanding is that the job is yours once you have a fixed term contract. As such, the job either finishes at the end of the contract or your contract is extended. If the contract for the job is extended (for example further funding is approved) they cannot give this job to someone else because it is your job. So the only way you would lose is if the contract is not extended. But even then, if your company is a large oragnisation like mine you will likely have the opportunity to go through redeployment whereby they must find you a job on no less favourable terms (i.e. salary and perks etc).

    Good luck with TTC. x
  • Thanks Willow - I really appreciate your help!
  • I started a 12 mths contract Aug n am trying for a baby. I looked into this as much as I could. It just depends if ur employer extends the contract or not but even if they dont u should b able to get goverment maternity pay.

    Hi pet, this government website has quite a bit of info on it, there's even a personal calculator you can use to see what you'd be entitled to. Hope this helps. xx
  • Thank you! I'm just trying to know as much info as possible.
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