fed up :(

just feel really frustrated, cos im now 19 days late, and period is showing no signs of being here, and did a test and it was bfn. got a blood test at the docs tmw to check my hormone levels. i just feel a bit sad cos ive never ever been this late, and i just am really confused. my pma is not good at the moment. just feels like its not gonna happen to me sometimes. i want my af to start so i can start using the ov sticks and hopefully preseed when i order it. but how can i when its showing no signs of coming. sorry for the rant ladies image


  • ((((Big Hugs))) Hope yr okay Soph. And dont worry yr not ranting.x
    Maybe you have a shy bean? as they say its not over till af arrives. Hopefully docs will giv you some good news, ill keep my fingers crossed.xxx
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