dont know what 2 do anymore

hi ive been away from here for over a yr now things were getting a bit 2 much for me ttc and family probs but things between oh and me aint getting any better we been trying for another baby since may 08 with no luck asked oh in nov if he would go 2 the docs for some tests cause he takes steroids for his asthma and got told this could be a prob but refuses 2 go, ive been 2 c if im ov and they all came back fine for my age but oh keeps telling me it must be me not him and ive got so fed up thinkin this mth is the mth that ive totally gone off bding (6 mths now). i just dont know what do do anymore. :\?

so sorry for this rant but need 2 get it out x x


  • Ah hun its horrible isnt it whe youve been trying for so long x Can you not get hubby to do a sample at home and then you take it in for him? Maybe hes just really embarrassed to go to the docs? Also if he hasnt been to the docs at all then how does he know its not him? Maybe ask hubby whether hes willing to do a sample and that you'll take it in for him? Men are just stupid creatures sometimes and get far too proud! xx
  • awwww im so sorry hun, i think maybe hes in denial and doesnt want to admit that he very well may be the problem? i think maybe hes feeling not very 'man like' as he hasnt yet managed to conceive a choild with you, and that something a man should be able to do? hes prob feeling a little ashamed, and he probs thinks going to the docs, they may say he has low sperm or something which im sure he knows will upset you too? i dunno. im just trying to maybe see what he feels like, but u dont seem very happy as u r now either, and surely its best to know? so you have time to do something about it if something is wrong? fingers crossed u get the passion back and get pg when you least expect it? i really hope it works out for you, hes the only one who can make the decsion to go to docs tho hun, no harm with gentle persuassion tho lol. xxx lots of luck and hugs xxx
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